Red Bull RB19 Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
Red Bull RB19 Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Source: Sky Sports

Red Bull dominated the grid last season thoroughly. No team came close to stealing the first place in the standings from them at any moment last year. The biggest strength of the team lies in their superior car. Needless to say, the RB19 car was one of the fastest there ever has been in F1. In fact, the RB18 was quite fast as well. If 17 GP wins was a lot, then what about 21 in 22? Max Verstappen bettered his record with 19 wins alone last year.

Thanks to the Milton Keynes team work to fix whatever they had to in RB18 and develop the superior RB19 car. Moreover, the 2023 car made the season so easy for the Austrian outfit that they already started to work on the 2024 challenger in the middle of the season. Now, as the F1 world waits for the 2024 season to begin, the Red Bull team is two steps ahead once again. As per reports, they are already working on the RB21 car. 


Has Red Bull Started Working On The 2025 Challenger Already?

Red Bull RB19
Red Bull RB19 Source: Autosport

It seems like Red Bull is happy with the development of RB20. And why won’t they be? They started working on the 2024 car even before the teams reached halfway through the last season. That’s how superior Christian Horner’s team has been in the last few seasons. Recently, the head of performance engineering of Red Bull, Ben Waterhouse, mentioned in an interview with Racecar Engineering that they are working on improving the RB19 car. Clearly, the team is constantly focusing on how to enhance the strengths of the car and of the whole organization.

Waterhouse mentioned that they are aware of the limitations of the 2023 car. For instance, they lost in Singapore because the car didn’t do well in low-speed circuits. Moreover, the team wants to enhance the strong points of the machine while they work on its critical issues. As per Waterhouse, the RB20 car is already six months old, and they are shifting their focus on RB21, albeit the season hasn’t started yet. Moreover, Max Verstappen also told PlanetF1 that Singaporean GP was a wake-up call for them. 

Since 2022, The Milton Keynes Team Seemed To Be Two Steps Ahead Of The Rest

Red Bull RB19
Red Bull RB19 Source: Autosport

In 2022, the RB18 car really shocked everybody because no team could catch up with the pace of that car. Previously, the Mercedes car was the fastest on the grid. But in 2022, neither Mercedes nor Ferrari was a match for the Red Bull car. Albeit Ferrari started well, they could not hold on to the momentum much longer in 2022. Even Max Verstappen mentioned that he expected more fights from Charles Leclerc.

Eventually, the Dutch driver went on to win 15 races in 2022, breaking the previous record of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s 13 wins in a season. Moreover, Red Bull won 17 overall with Sergio Perez coming up with two wins too. But last year, things got a bit boring as the lion’s share of the races saw Red Bull on top again.