Red Bull RB20 Sidepod
Red Bull RB20 Sidepod Source: Reddit

Red Bull started the new season with a fresh new level of dominance. After the first couple of races in the ongoing season, the Austrian outfit had two one-two finishes. Apparently, Max Verstappen is not stopping, and no other team can catch up to the pace of the Milton Keynes team. They are on their way to win their third constructor title in a row. On the other hand, Max Verstappen may have it a tad bit easier than last year in securing his fourth Driver’s World Championship. After all, the Red Bull car looks faster than the rest of the teams yet again.

However, if it can break its predecessor’s record, it will be seen. Moreover, it won’t be easy to do that because last year, Max and Checo won 21 races with RB19. The new season has two more races scheduled. Perhaps it gives Red Bull a chance to break their own record. However, everybody wonders where the strength of the RB20 car comes from. Moreover, the 2024 challenger of the Austrian outfit resembles a bit of the Mercedes W14. However, Adrian Newey denies that the Mercedes-like design elements do anything for the RB20’s pace.


Red Bull Car Designer Says, “It’s The Subtle Bits” That’s Key To RB20’s Speed

Red Bull

Recently, in an interview with the F1 Nation podcast, Adrian Newey pointed out the parts that can’t be seen from outside as the key to the car’s strength. Moreover, the famous car designer of Red Bull mentioned the architecture of the car that’s underlying is the third-generation evolution of what began with RB18 in 2022. Adding to that, Newey noted that they don’t carry the radiators but everything else. For instance, the layout of the front suspension, as well as the rear suspension, the casing, and the gearbox. Newey says, “A third evolution of the RB18 car.”

However, the Red Bull car designer is aware of the fact that the bits that are outside and visible have attracted a lot of attention. Newey admits that his team is trying to get aerodynamic gains there. It sure feels like the visual change is even bigger than the car’s performance change. But Newey also said that bits people don’t notice in general are responsible for a bigger gain. Anyway, the Red Bull designer says the aim is to build a car that is perfect for all circuits. 

Adrian Newey Discussed Where They Struggled Last Year

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In the previous season, Red Bull won 21 of 22 races thanks to Max Verstappen and Newey. Verstappen won 19 Grands Prix himself. The Austrian outfit owes a great deal of gratitude to Honda for providing the engine. It seemed like the last season could not have been better for Red Bull. But Adrian Newey suggests that they still struggled at street circuits with maximum downforce. Moreover, Newey recalls what went wrong in Singapore in 2023.

He said, “We messed it up and underperformed.” They believe they could have achieved a lot more from Singapore last year. Moreover, they could at least get a podium finish at the Marina Bay track. Newey reveals that they might still have disadvantages on those circuits. Red Bull will try not to be disastrous on those tracks. Then, Newey thinks they will be good enough to win the title once again. 

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