Blake Snell poses at spring training. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The New York Yankees and Blake Snell have been linked throughout the offseason. Clearly, the two-time Cy Young winner could have been a perfect fit alongside Gerrit Cole. But it seems that, for some reason, they just don’t agree. The NY side needs a starting pitcher now more than ever because Gerrit Cole may be unavailable for the next two months. Last year, the Bronx Bombers had a terrible season. But the only good thing about the 2023 season for the Bombers was the performance of Gerrit Cole. Moreover, Cole went on to win the American League Cy Young Award. He has been the biggest strength of the Yankees’ defense for the last few seasons.

Arguably, Cole is the greatest starting pitcher in baseball. Hence, the Bronx Bombers need him to stay strong throughout this year. Moreover, the 2024 season is a make-or-break season for the 27-time champions. Clearly, at present, the Yankees look like having a great chance to make it to the “Big Dance.” But the NY side needs their ace pitcher to stay healthy because they have no other pitcher who is as dependable as him on their roster. That’s why, at present, the two-time Cy Young winner is gradually becoming a necessity for the Bombers. 


Why Yankees Need Blake Snell Now More Than Ever?

Gerrit Cole Blake Snell Yankees
Gerrit Cole Blake Snell Yankees Source: Yanks Go Yard

It is still not clear when Gerrit Cole will be ready to be the starter for the Yankees again. The MRI proves that there was no tear in Cole’s right elbow ligament. But he will have to stay out of game time for one to two months, as per The New York Post. In these circumstances, they can only rely on the starting pitchers available – Carlos Rodon, Marcus Stroman, Nestor Cortes, and so on. But none of them are as dependable as Gerrit Cole. The suitable options for filling Cole’s void are out there as free agents. But the Yankees have been backing away from those options because of luxury pay tax and other payroll issues.

Clearly, Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery are the two best options to replace the AL 2023 Cy Young winner. Snell is the NL 2023 Cy Young winner. Previously, he has won another Cy Young in the American League. MLB insider Jon Morosi mentioned that the Yankees have to sign either Jordan or Blake at this point. Perhaps the absence of Gerrit Cole will end all the hesitations the Bombers had on landing Snell or Montgomery. They don’t know when Cole will return. Hence, it is a do-or-die situation for the NY side. 

Everybody Wonders What The Next Plan Is Regarding Cole

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole is now a six-time All-Star, earning a trip to the Midsummer Classic for the third time since signing with the New York Yankees.AP

Lately, NJ Advance Media reported that the MRI said Cole’s right elbow ligament is “Clean.” But there is still a bit of stress in his UCL. Hence, the Yankees want to take a little more of medical advice. The best-case scenario is ten weeks of rehab for the AL 2023 Cy Young winner.

Then, Cole won’t be able to return until May. The Yankees would not want to take any risk with his UCL stress. That can really complicate matters. Hence, Cole and the Yankees have to come to a tough decision soon. Moreover, the decision can determine the next step for the Yankees regarding Blake Snell. 

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