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The New York Yankees invested a lot of time in Yoshinobu Yamamoto this off-season. Being the most sought-after pitching option of this year’s free agency, the Bronx Bombers’ active interest was inevitable. However, the franchise leadership miscued with respect to stacking up backup candidates.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s sweepstake was a gamble right from the start. He wasn’t a guaranteed entry to the Bronx. Thus, the New York Yankees should have focused a little more on fallback options as the pitching market continued to shrink. However, the front office failed to do so and recently lost a significant reunion choice to an NL Central Rival.


Yankees Trade Bust Frankie Montas Joins Reds On A Short Term Deal!

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In a surprising offseason move, the New York Yankees’ right-handed pitcher Frankie Montas has inked a one-year $16 million deal with the Cincinnati Reds. Montas, who was traded from Oakland Athletics in 2022, spent a major part of his stint with the Bronx on IL. Shortly after the trade came through, he injured his shoulder to mark a premature end to his 2022 season. Furthermore, just a few weeks ahead of spring training, the shoulder injury relapsed, for which Montas had to undergo arthroscopic surgery. Subsequently, he ended up missing the entire 2023 season, barring a single relief appearance against the Kansas City Royals. However, despite the downsides, NYY reportedly mulled a reunion with the starting pitcher.

As per rumors, the Yankees were interested in reuniting with Frankie Montas on a short-term deal and moving him to the bullpen for the near future, given his fitness standards. However, before the Bombers could speculate a move, Montas sought an opportunity elsewhere. For the pitcher, the move to the Reds represents a change of scenery and a shift to the National League. A new environment can often rejuvenate a player’s performance. And Montas will look to bring his skill set to Cincinnati and make a positive impact in the NL division. On the flip side, it’s an opportunity lost for the Yanks. While Montas’ trade was categorized as a bust, he simply didn’t receive enough chances to prove his worth on the mound. Regardless, with Frankie Montas gone, the Yankees’ are running out of time to find a potent pitcher for the 2024 MLB season roster.

Yankee Fans Rejoice Frankie Montas’ Departures

Frankie Montas
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While Frankie Montas’ deal with the Cincinnati Reds is a lost opportunity for the New York Yankees, the fanbase is interestingly celebrating the departure. The passionate Yankee fans took to social media platforms to express their delight at the pitcher’s end of tenure in the Bronx. To be fair, the supporters’ feelings are valid to a certain extent.

Frankie Montas didn’t produce anything worth mentioning as a highlight. He spent almost two seasons on IL and was mostly referred to as a bust. Having said that, Montas was perhaps unlucky to have landed in the Bronx under adverse circumstances. Moreover, his standoff with the franchise leadership over the disclosure of health concerns further caused dissent amongst fans. Nonetheless, what happened is in the past as Montas embarks on a new journey with the Reds.