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CHECKOUT: New York Yankees Infielders Show Maturity Despite Seeing An Uncertain Future In The Bronx

The New York Yankees have come a long way since the failure of the last season. They could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Moreover, they finished fourth in the American League East division. On top of that, the NY side had an 82-80 season in 2023. It was a tremendous shame because they did not have a worse season than that in the last 30 years. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers had the second-worst batting average last year. It was a season to forget for them. Moreover, the NY side was only better in their hitting average than the nine-time World Series winners, the Oakland Athletics.

Since then, the Yankees have made several significant changes in the offseason. They reinforced their offense and outfield. Moreover, they found a new shortstop in Anthony Volpe. This rookie of last year was the only good and promising thing to come out in 2023 for the Pinstripes. However, Volpe’s promotion to the shortstop position makes things difficult for the infielder Oswald Peraza. Even though he wants to play in the big league, the Yankees might just demote him to the minors. Despite the fact that the future is pretty uncertain, Peraza remains poised and calm. 


Oswald Peraza Keeps Inner Peace As He Has No Control Over His Future 

Oswald Peraza Yankees
Oswald Peraza Yankees Source: Minor League Baseball

Last March, in an interview with NJ Advance Media, the infielder discussed the competition with Anthony Volpe for the shortstop position. The young prospect of the NY side proved that he has a mature mindset. Although he knew that the chance was slipping away from him, he stayed cool and calm. Peraza tried his best to support his teammates and root for Volpe to succeed. In the process, he tried to prevent the uncertainty of his future by not trying to bring him down.

Moreover, in 2024, Peraza has become older and wiser. He told NJ Advance Media last Tuesday that it was his dream to play for the NY Yankees. He grew up loving this franchise. Hence, the opportunity he has now with the team, Peraza wants to make full use of it. He is trying to improve on and off the field as a person and also a player. Moreover, Oswald’s main goal is to play in the big leagues. But things are not looking good for Peraza in that regard. Fans wonder if he can carve out a place on the bench this season.

How Can The Venezuelan Carve Out A Role With The Yankees In 2024?

Oswald Peraza. (Photo: MiLB)

On the infield, Oswald Peraza is pretty versatile defensively. Moreover, he has a pretty good speed. If he can maintain that pace and versatility, he might look more valuable with time. He might even get a chance to be part of the team for the Opening Day. Moreover, the Venezuelan can excel in the role of a Utility player.

However, it seems that Peraza will find it very hard to find a place in the Yankees’ starting lineup. It might take Anthony Volpe, DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres, or Anthony Rizzo to sustain an injury for Peraza to find a place in the starting lineup. But the Yankees will certainly not want that to happen.

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