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The New York Yankees have not been to the World Series since 2009. Moreover, the 27-time champions had been disappointing the fans for a long time. Now, the Yankees must deal with their worsening pitching situation. They planned to sign a starting pitcher this offseason but have not yet landed one. After Yamamoto is gone, the Yankees must focus on what’s left.

In fact, there are some very good options still available this offseason. Moreover, the best pitcher available this offseason is Blake Snell. He may even have an interest in joining the Bronx Bombers. Moreover, there’s a possible reunion between the Yankees and Jordan Montgomery on the cards. However, there might be even a better option available for Pinstripes. 


Is Corbin Burnes The Best Pitcher New York Yankees Can Get This Offseason?

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As per NJ Advance Media, the best move for the Bronx Bombers is to trade for the Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Corbin Burnes. This righty pitcher is the National League’s version of Gerrit Cole. He has been a three-time All-Star in a row. Moreover, he’s got a Cy Young Award, too. He has a career ERA of 3.26, pitching 202 innings in 2022. Last year, he pitched 193.2. Randy Miller of NJ Advance Media feels Brian Cashman should get Corbin Burnes for sure. As per Miller, the Brewers won’t let Burnes go if any team doesn’t offer a deal they can’t refuse.

But Miller thinks the Yankees should give up their three young prospects, Anthony Volpe, Spencer Jones, and Jasson Dominguez, if that takes to get Burnes from the Brewers. It is because with Burnes and Juan Soto in the rotation, the Yankees won’t miss a playoff again, feels Miller. For Randy Miller, the Juan Soto and Corbin Burnes combo is very important. He believes with that combo, the wait will be over, as the Yankees can make it to the World Series again. Miller wants the Bronx Bombers to go all in for Burnes as they did for Juan Soto. Then, it would mean the Yankees will get him for a year, too.

Why Fans Are Not Happy With The Bronx Bombers?

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There is a growing frustration among the Yankees Nation. They are not even the Evil Empire anymore. In fact, that title should belong to the Los Angeles Dodgers after this offseason. The two biggest Japanese sensations in this free agency went to the Dodgers eventually. Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto were part of the Japanese team that was victorious in the World Baseball Classic. Moreover, Yamamoto was a superstar pitcher in the Nippon Professional Baseball. He was a multiple-time All-Star and Sawamura winner. The Sawamura Award is equivalent to the Cy Young Award.

Gerrit Cole won the AL Cy Young last year. It would have been great to see two top starting pitchers for the Yankees. But the Dodgers offered $25 million and two years more than the Yankees offer. It was a huge setback to the offseason plans for the Bronx Bombers. They were the frontrunners to get the Japanese sensation. Perhaps it was a smart enough call not to go too high for a pitcher with no prior experience in the major league. Anyway, the Dodgers got him for twelve years now.