Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: ESPN

The New York Yankees did not have a season in 2023 that’s worth remembering with a lot of fondness. That’s how bad it has been for the 27-time World Series Champions. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Anyway, the fans consider the 2023 season to be one of the worst in the franchise’s history.

There is not one person whom the fans can blame for this failure. There have been quite a few instances that led to the debacle of this year for the NY side. Let’s take a glance at a few of those moments that caused the Yankees to miss the playoffs this year. There have been tons, but few deserve special mentions.


A. Yankees Captain Hits Rock Bottom On 06.03.23

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Fox News

Generally, the pitchers end up in the bullpen, but not the right fielders. Definitely, no MVP right-fielder ends up in the bullpen usually. But Aaron Judge in June crashed through an unstable fence, reaching the visitor’s bullpen at the Dodger Stadium. In the process, he hurt his toe badly. This injury let Judge sit out for a couple of months, and the Yankees ended up in deep trouble.

Everybody knows that the lineup of the NY side without Captain is below average. In the end, the Yankees never quite recovered from that absence. Moreover, in Judge’s absence, the NY side performed below .500, and it remained static even after Judge returned. If Aaron Judge had not gotten injured, things could have been a lot different. 

B. Yankees Went Through A Meltdown On 07.16.23 In Colorado

Moreover, the second half of the 2023 season should have had a fresh start from the NY side. With a new hitting coach and a series against a weak Rockies side, the Yankees should have turned things around. But they failed miserably. In the following 30 games, the Yankees went 10-20. It ended all hopes of a playoff appearance.

C. Injury To The First Baseman Was As Crucial As It Could Get

Anthony Rizzo Yankees
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Source: WWNY

On 05.28.23, there was a collision between Anthony Rizzo and Fernando Tatis Jr. However, it did not seem as harmful as it turned out to be. The Yankees would miss their first baseman for the next three games, initially for a stiff neck injury. But when he returned to the lineup, Rizzo was struggling a lot. Later, the diagnosis said he suffered a concussion injury in that collision. Albeit, the Yankees let him play in a few more games. But it only increased the risk element for the team’s most productive slugger.

D. Giancarlo Stanton’s Baserunning Blunder On 08.05.23

Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: WFSB

Stanton’s baserunning play can bottle things up to describe how the Yankee’s 2023 season went. While playing in the Yankees Stadium in August, DJ LeMahieu slugged a single to the right field. And Stanton displayed a speed that was nowhere near resembling a professional athlete’s pace. He lacked so much athleticism that it could only end in an injury. Throughout the season, the Yankees made more baserunning mistakes, but this really stood out among the rest. 

E. Jasson Dominguez Suffered A Tommy John On 09.14.23

Jasson Dominguez
Yankees Jasson Dominguez Source: ESPN

This season, the Yankees suffered because of a ton of injuries to key players. But in terms of severity, the injury of Jasson Dominguez needs a mention. Among the best moments for the NY side last season, Jasson’s first home run needs a special mention as well. A thrilling start to his career did not last very long as he sustained this elbow injury all of a sudden. He will take another 9-10 months for recovery. He sure has a bright future. But the news of his injury crushed the fans of the Yankees.