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CHECKOUT: Mercedes Wants To Replace Lewis Hamilton With This Driver When The Former Retires

The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has been the real star of the Mercedes team for so many years. But it seems hardly possible for Hamilton to get back the throne that was once his from the new three-time champion. On top of that, it is not easy to ignore the age factor. On the other hand, Red Bull star Max Verstappen has a long way to go, as he is just 26 years old. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton recently celebrated his 39th birth anniversary. As he is getting nearer to 40, fans wonder when he might just decide to hang up his helmet.

Moreover, Mercedes is going through such a tough time as they have been winless last year. It is not an encouraging sign for Hamilton. However, he did sign a two-year extension last year with Mercedes. But Mercedes was thinking another Dutchman would replace Hamilton in their team. However, that plan is in jeopardy as Red Bull fired Nyck De Vries last year. 


What Would Mercedes Do Now About The Replacement Of Lewis Hamilton?

Nyck De Vries Toto Wolff Mercedes
Nyck De Vries Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: PlanetF1

The Mercedes boss seemed to like the prospect of De Vries joining the team. Moreover, the Dutchman often spent time on the pit wall alongside Toto Wolff. But currently, the role of the third driver in the Mercedes camp belongs to Mick Schumacher. Dutch driver Tom Coronel told RacingNews365 that De Vries would replace Hamilton if he decided to retire without signing an extension. Coronel mentioned that he has been saying for years that De Vries is Toto Wolff’s insurance policy.

On top of that, the WTCC driver mentioned Nico Rosberg was also another such example of Toto’s insurance policy. But Coronel doesn’t mean that Wolff uses Nyck De Vries. Albeit, he keeps him close for that reason. However, the fellow Dutch driver believes De Vries has done everything he had to do to be in F1. De Vries has won all the championships he had to. Moreover, Tom Coronel says Nyck doesn’t lack anything compared to other F1 drivers as per his track record. Hence, Coronel feels his fellow countryman should get his break in Formula One. 

Lewis Hamilton Changed Everything For The Silver Arrows

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: SportsMax

Before Hamilton joined the team, the Brackley team found success only as engine partners of McLaren and other teams. But in 2013, things changed. The German team had a new team principal and a star driver. Who knew what would follow? The turbo-hybrid era began in 2014, and that led to the rise of the Silver Arrows as the most dominant team in the grid. Previously, Red Bull was enjoying dominance in four consecutive years with Sebastian Vettel.

However, from 2014, it was Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, the most dominant team and driver, until 2021. Mercedes won eight, whereas Hamilton won six in those eight years. However, things shifted back to Red Bull’s favor yet again in 2022. In fact, it was the year that marked the end of dominance for the seven-time champion racer. Since then, there has been a new sheriff in town. It is the Dutch driver Max Verstappen.