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The duo of Max Verstappen and Red Bul has been a dominant force for the past three years. With three consecutive world championships, Verstappen has skyrocketed to stardom. In 2024, the Dutchman has won four Grand Prixs out of six. While the ‘safety car’ hindered the latest Miami GP, the three-time world champion still finished at P2. 

However, since Adrian Newey’s departure was announced, Verstappen has been linked with an early exit. While his Red Bull contract extends until 2028, rumors of a dream offer from Mercedes have emerged. The rumors suggest that Toto Wolff offered him an annual contract worth $150 million. Meanwhile, Verstappen has dismissed all speculations, stating that only one ‘condition’ truly matters. 


Max Verstappen Confirms His Future With Red Bull

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While Red Bull’s internal turmoil is far from over, their star driver is on the radar of rivals. However, the RBR management, including MD Oliver Mintzlaff, has dismissed all the rumors. On the other hand, Toto Wolff’s pursuit of the three-time world champion continues. He has publicly accepted his desire to work alongside Verstappen. While Mercedes is willing to empty pockets for the Dutchman, money is not the primary condition for hiring him. During a media interaction in Miami, he was asked if Newey’s departure was a big enough reason to leave Red Bull. He expressed his ecstasy with the current team while accepting that decisions like ‘switching teams’ are not easy. Further, he clearly stated the only condition that can keep him at Milton Keynes. Verstappen said ‘the fastest car’ is all he needs. Therefore, the only requirement for Red Bull to retain the reigning world champion is maintaining ‘high performance.’

Moreover, the only individual who can drive Max away from Red Bull is his father, Jos Verstappen. Although Jos is delighted with his son’s performance, he is not a fan of the team’s principal, Christian Horner. Thus, if the vile environment at Red Bull persists, Verstappen might step aside. The 26-year-old has clarified his ambitions at F1. He wants to enjoy a short yet remarkable run at the circuit. Therefore, he would like to work alongside a stable setup, unlike the current RBR. Henceforth, it is crucial for the management of the Austrian team to manage the chaos and maintain harmony.

Formula One Boss Shares His Perspective On The World Champion

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McLaren CEO Zak Brown praised Verstappen’s driving skills and recognized him as one of the best drivers. He did not hesitate to acknowledge the role of Red Bull’s car in Verstappen’s success. When asked whether a star driver or a top designer is more crucial, he stated that a successful team needs both.

Brown further explained that while a team does need a star driver, it always begins with an impactful car. Additionally, he identified six to seven drivers capable of winning the world championship with Red Bull Racing’s RB20 car. However, he underscored the importance of the car in Verstappen’s success, stating that the Dutchman wouldn’t have achieved the same level of success with any other team.