Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen
Red Bull

The Red Bull racing team has been miles ahead of others for the past three years. With a superstar driver like Max Verstappen, the team has been on a winning spree. In the last season, they won 22 races out of 23, marking sheer dominance. While Verstappen remains the center of attraction, the design team led by Adrian Newey was equally, if not more, responsible for Red Bull Racing’s success.

Therefore, the chief designer’s sudden departure has shocked the entire F1 arena. Moreover, Red Bull has officially announced Newey’s departure after April 2025. Until then, the aero wizard would step aside from the racing circuit, focusing solely on developing RB’s hypercar. Amid the chaos, Max Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez have shared their thoughts on the CTO’s departure. 


Red Bull Drivers Share Their Thoughts Over Newey’s Departure 

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When Max Verstappen made his Red Bull debut, Adrian Newey’s experience helped him settle down. Since then, Newey has been influential in Verstappen’s F1 career. The aero wizard signed the contract for Milton Keynes-based outfit during its early days. The team was a laughing stock, known for its parties. However, Newey, with his skill and mindset, changed the paradigm. The team went on to win thirteen world titles, with a car designed by the Brit. At the same time, the recent internal tussle has caused dissatisfaction among the employees. Thus, Newey decided to put a full stop to his 19-year journey at RBR. The veteran engineer felt undervalued for his efforts and had no other option. 

In a conversation with Sky Sports, Max recently revealed his final message to Newey. He said stopping someone who has set his mind is not possible. Thus, the Dutchman asked the CTO to do whatever was best for him and his family.  While losing a brilliant mind like Newey might be a blow to RBR, Verstappen has complete faith in the technical team. On the other hand, his teammate, Sergio Perez, said Newey was more than a designer. He used to help the team during a low period, turning everything around. While both drivers look unfazed by the current situation, their future remains a mystery, especially that of Verstappen.  

Will Max Verstappen Drive Away From The Vile Red Bull Management?


Since Adrian Newey announced his departure, rumors of Max Verstappen receiving an offer from Mercedes have surfaced. While Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is interested in hiring the Dutchman, experts believe Red Bull is the perfect outfit for him, at least for now. 

The only individual who can drive Max away from RBR is his father, Jos Verstappen. The Sr. Verstappen had some severe issues with team principal Christian Horner. He has accused the leader of potentially ‘tearing the team apart.’ Thus, if the toxicity at Milton Keynes grows, Verstappen won’t shy from driving to a different setup.