Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: The SportsRush

Max Verstappen has been unstoppable in the last three years. He has dominated the F1 grid like never seen before. Many great drivers came before him, but the consistency with win percentage per season has been incredible. Moreover, the Dutch driver won a record-breaking 15 races in 2022. Thanks to the Red Bull team for developing the RB18, which was the most superior machine in the grid. But the Austrian team got one step ahead with the development of their car in the next season. Thanks to that, Max Verstappen was able to win as many as 19 races in 2023, breaking his own record from the previous year.

Clearly, the RB19 car has been the most dominant race car in F1’s history. The 1988 McLaren car and the 2016 Mercedes car can come close to the dominance of the RB19 car. But the records truly speak for itself. Red Bull went on to win 21 of 22 Grands Prix last year. Max Verstappen alone won an epic 19 races. Clearly, the Milton Keynes outfit is the favorite for the upcoming season. Fans are waiting to see some new developments in the Red Bull car. But Max Verstappen said that the RB20 car will have an uncanny resemblance to its predecessor. 


Verstappen Noted That RB20 Will Look Exactly The Same As RB19

Red Bull Car
Red Bull Car Source: Sky Sports

Recently, the Dutch driver was live on Twitch with his virtual sim set-up. He donned a red shirt that represents his favorite club PSV Eindhoven. While playing sim-racing, Verstappen discussed with one of his co-players about the RB20 car’s look. At first, one of those co-players mentioned that the F1 cars this year won’t have distinctive body livery. Moreover, he mentioned that these cars will have exposure to carbon fiber. Then, Max Verstappen laughed after hearing this. In reply, the three-time champion revealed an essential detail about the 2024 challenger.

Later, RBR Daily posted a video on X (previously called Twitter) where Max Verstappen said that it is going to look exactly the same. On the other side, his co-player got that joke and just laughed it off. Lately, almost every team has released their 2024 car. It looks like they all have black livery in 2024. Perhaps the black color is the most dominant color on the livery because the body has exposed carbon fiber. That’s why they use black more than any other color.

Fans May Have Mixed Opinions On Too Dark Colored Liveries

McLaren Car
McLaren Car Source: RacingNews365

It has been tough for the paint job because the priority has been the weight reduction in developing the cars. But it was hard to impress the fans with their new liveries. For the new season, McLaren was the first team to release their livery. They have yellow lines thick and thin. But the primary colors are orange and black.

McLaren avoided blue because of sponsor issues. Later, Haas released their new challenger, VF-24. They used darker green instead of their signature color, red. Lately, Williams and Alpine have not changed their livery color much. Perhaps, Red Bull will follow the path of the other teams as well in case of bringing out a blacker version of their RB20. 

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