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Stephen Curry has been going through a very tough time on the court this season. Perhaps he had never been more inconsistent in any season before. He has not been able to lead the team really well in the ongoing season. The team had been very inconsistent as well. Clearly, the Golden State Warriors have not looked like a modern-day dynasty. The goal has been to win their fifth title in ten years. But the Dubs have disappointed their fans immensely in the ongoing season. At one point, they even looked far from making the postseason. The Warriors may still miss the postseason if they don’t find consistency.

They had been through a few close games, which they narrowly lost. Hence, even the luck has not been supporting Steph and his team. For instance, Stephen Curry scored 60 points against the Atlanta Hawks. But the Dubs lost the game in overtime. Curry missed a three-pointer at the fag end of the regulation time in the game against the Hawks. That could have sealed the game for the Dubs. Lately, the Warriors have won two back-to-back games. But Stephen Curry had a nine-point scoring game against the Philadelphia 76ers. That really made the Dub Nation mad. 


Fans Roast Stephen Curry After Another Poor Performance

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: NBC Sports

The Dub Nation can get brutal when the team and the star are not performing as expected. Moreover, Steph has had a few really underperforming games this season already. Either the team does not win or the star of the team underperforms, the fans don’t take it lightly. After the game against the Philadelphia 76ers, the fans compared both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. The Dub Nation believes the Splash Brothers are acting more like the “Washed Brothers” this season. Some other fan commented that Steph has gone “Washed” even before LeBron James.

Again, there were those netizens who felt that it is high time for the Dubs to trade Stephen Curry. Anyway, it is highly unlikely that the GSW will trade any player from the tripod – Steph, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. Earlier in the season, Steph Curry mentioned that he would like this core to stay together for at least another season. Perhaps that’s what the new GM of the Dubs believes in, too. But fans are really not happy with Steph’s performance against the 76ers. As some fans said that, he is proving why he’s not a starter of the All-Star team anymore. 

How Does The Three-Point King React To Such A Low-Scoring Game?

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: CNN

Recently, in an interview, Stephen Curry mentioned that every time he gets on the court he feels that’s his happy place. The GSW star can always feel the joy of playing the game. And that’s very important. During hard times, Steph believes commiting to the process is the key. They have developed the process over time. In case of emotions, Curry knows that the result always has an impact on everybody, win or lose.

Curry also added that it is essential to say “Even-keeled” as much as possible. The process is everything. Then, one can control what they can control. Anyway, Stephen Curry is averaging 28.1 ppg, 5.0 apg, and 4.4 rpg currently, and plays 33.7 minutes per game on average. As the last match of their five-game road trip, the Dubs will next face the Indiana Pacers on Thursday.

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