Max Verstappen Fernando Alonso Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen Fernando Alonso Sergio Perez Source: Fox Sports

Max Verstappen has been nothing short of unstoppable this season. If Carlos Sainz winning the Singaporean Grand Prix looked like a turning point of this season, then the Red Bull driver took over the dominance yet again. Perhaps for that one race in the Marina Bay circuit, Max and Red Bull could not finish at the top of the podium. But it does not mean that the hegemony shifted to any other driver or team. It has been completely Red Bull’s and Max Verstappen’s dominance for two years in a row.

However, Max won his maiden title in 2021. But since the last year, Max and Red Bull have been unbeatable. On the other hand, his teammate Sergio Perez had a season he might want to forget about. However, he could have another podium finish in Brazil this year. But Fernando Alonso had a thrilling fight against Checo on Sunday to join Lando Norris and Max Verstappen on the podium. Moreover, Max Verstappen was also watching the fight between Alonso and his teammate.


Max Verstappen Almost Drove Off The Track Watching The Fight Between Alonso And Perez

Aston Martin Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen Red Bull
Aston Martin Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Eurosport

Verstappen told Viaplay that he almost drove off the track while watching them. That’s how thrilling the battle was between the Aston Martin and Red Bull drivers. Checo was making his move into Turn 4, but Alonso did not take any of them. Finally, Fernando Alonso pulled off a repeat move prior to holding his position on the final lap in a drag race on the straight line. Moreover, Max Verstappen mentioned he was watching the screen so much that he almost lost his balance off the track. But what impressed him the most was they were constantly changing on the final two laps. Anyhow, Max Verstappen won in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

It was his 17th Grand Prix win this year. The Dutchman is making this year’s performance too good to replicate in the following seasons. Albeit Red Bull missed their chance to win all the races this year because of Ferrari’s victory in Singapore, they can surely finish with 21 GP wins this season. And that is just a brilliant record. Moreover, Max Verstappen just keeps getting better than the previous season. Last season, he won 15 races. But this season, he won 17 already with two more Grands Prix to go.

Checo Says Other Drivers Should Learn From Him And Fernando’s Fight In Brazil

Fernando Alonso Sergio Perez
Fernando Alonso Sergio Perez Source: PlanetF1

Later, Sergio Perez told Sky Sports, that they had a great race and other drivers should learn from them. He believes the way both of them fought it out in Brazil is exactly the way it should be. Albeit, he ended up on the wrong side, Checo said, “It’s fine.” What could have been a great season for Sergio Perez ended up as an utter failure. However, Checo is gradually improving his performance.

He had hired a mental coach lately. Perhaps it helped him gain self-confidence. As a result, he had a few podium finishes in the second half. At first, Checo started brilliantly with two Grand Prix wins after the first four. He was going on par with his teammate. But since the Miami Grand Prix, the Mexican driver started to fade away. He had several DNFs and multiple Q3 eliminations.