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Sir Lewis Hamilton has been struggling all year long because of the poor Mercedes W14 car. This car has certainly been an improvement to its predecessor in terms of the porpoising issues. Mercedes, indeed, had very little to worry about bouncing trouble this year. But that does not make the German team happy in any way, especially because they have been winless in 2023.

Albeit, there are two more races to go this season, the W14 car is not raising any hopes for Toto Wolff and his team. Mercedes might not win again until they change their car’s setup. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton is just counting the days until he doesn’t have to drive this awful car anymore, as he told Motorsport.com.


Lewis Hamilton Can’t Wait To Get Rid Of Mercedes W14

Mercedes W14 Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes W14 Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports F1

Recently, the Mercedes drivers had a terrible outing in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Moreover, in the post-race interview, Lewis Hamilton criticized the car that did not allow him to keep the tires alive for too long. He had a horrible sprint race. Moreover, Hamilton told Motorsport.com that Mercedes had satisfactory results in the previous two GPs. But as they came to Sao Paolo, Brazil, they suddenly had the worst deg in ages.

Basically, Lewis Hamilton feels nobody knows what to expect from the W14 car. He is just waiting to get through the remaining couple of races, and then he’ll be happy. Moreover, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez and Alpha Tauri driver Yuki Tsunoda did not have any hard time to overtake Lewis Hamilton in Brazil. On top of that, Hamilton’s old foe, Fernando Alonso, was also able to beat the British driver quite easily. The Aston Martin driver had a great race after a long time last Sunday.

Toto Wolff Felt W14 Behaved Horribly In Brazil

Toto Wolff Mercedes
Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: RacingNews365

On the other hand, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff told Sky F1 that their performance in Brazil was inexcusable, and he has no other words to describe the car. Moreover, Toto Wolff mentioned that he felt for the two Mercedes drivers as they had to drive this miserable thing. Adding to that, Wolff mentioned that last week, the car finished second, but whatever they added to it was just horrible. Anyway, the seven-time champion driver has been winless since last year. It has been the longest period for Hamilton being winless. He had never finished a season without a win prior to 2022.

The last time Hamilton won a Grand Prix was back in 2021 in Saudi Arabia. He is 38 and is desperate to win his eighth title before he retires. Albeit, F1 drivers are pretty famous for coming out of retirement and resuming their careers in the sport. Lewis Hamilton can also follow in the footsteps of Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher. But Hamilton will be well beyond 40 until that stage comes. He believes he can still race for another five more years. But the question is if Mercedes can help him with a championship-winning car again, or he’ll have to start looking elsewhere