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The Los Angeles Lakers have been looking for a big center who can play alongside Anthony Davis for a long time. But they have not acquired any such options as of yet. They must be waiting a while to find the right guy for the job. It must be someone who is not as injury-prone as Anthony Davis is. Moreover, it would be great if it’s someone who can gel well with everyone on the roster. But they sure need a big who can take some load off the eight-time All-Star.

Moreover, the Lakers have quality players on the roster, like Austin Reaves, D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, and last but not least, LeBron James, certainly for the next season. However, there are more talents like Cam Reddish and Gabe Vincent. But the 14th and the last spot is still open. Who’ll fill that? Christian Wood was the most probable option to fill that spot. However, after the Dallas Mavericks waived former Lakers player JaVale McGee, the Lakers are pondering on that option, too.


Who’s A Better Option – Christian Wood Or JaVale McGee?

Christian Wood
Christian Wood Source: NBC Sports

According to Mark Medina, an NBA Writer, McGee can be an emerging option for the Lakers as their 14th member. Moreover, JaVale McGee helped the Lakers win the championship in the 2019-20 season. Moreover, the training camp is about to start soon, but The Athletic’s Jovan Buha states that Darvin Ham is still unsure of his team’s starting lineup. The point guard and the center positions are still up for grabs on the Lakers’ side.

If Christian Wood and Bismack Biyombo choose to go elsewhere, Mark Medina told GIVEMESPORT, the Lakers should keep options open for a friendly deal. On the other hand, the Lakers may wait and see if any talent emerges from the training camp roster. However, Medina also feels that the Lakers will likely choose Christian Wood over any training camp invitees. Albeit, whoever they might choose, the Lakers can only offer a veteran’s minimum deal to Wood or McGee. Christian Wood is much younger than JaVale McGee; perhaps that can make a difference.               

The Lakers Need Anthony Davis To Stay Healthy Next Season

Anthony Davis AD- Lakers
Anthony Davis AD Lakers Source: Basketball Network

Everybody knows how crucial Anthony Davis is to the Lakers side. If he stays healthy, AD can be the best two-way player in the league. Moreover, the 17-time champions need Anthony Davis to lead them in the defense as well as in the offense. The former New Orleans Pelicans center was incredible last season for the LA side. Anthony Davis led the Lakers to the Western Conference Finals last season. Despite experts criticizing him for being inconsistent, he missed several games due to injuries.

When LeBron James hurt his right foot with a severe tendon injury, the King had to miss several games for almost a month. That’s when Anthony Davis was leading the side alone but got necessary help from Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell in the regular season. However, it was stressful for the eight-time All-Star. Hence, the front office of the LA side is looking for big to play alongside AD and take some load off him. Moreover, the LA side has complete faith in AD’s leadership. That’s why they extended his contract for another three years.