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Austin Reaves is the new sensation of the Los Angeles Lakers team. He surprised everybody with his incredible consistency last season. That’s what the fans will expect from him in the next NBA season. While playing for the Lakers, the Oklahoma Sooners kid has developed a strong rapport with the basketball great LeBron James. Albeit, Austin has been an avid Kobe Bryant fan since his childhood. But that does not stop him from coming to the conclusion that King James is the greatest ever.

Moreover, when former Lakers players like Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook made fun of LeBron James on the court, AR was there to return the favor. Later, LeBron James mentioned that AR has always got his back. Recently, AR has been on fire in the World Cup as well. The fans in the Philippines are seeing Reaves as their favorite. In the game against Greece, Austin Reaves joined LeBron James after achieving a remarkable feat.


Austin Reaves Is On Fire As He Equals King’s Remarkable Feat In World Cup

Austin Reaves Team USA Vs Puerto Rico
Austin Reaves Team USA Vs. Puerto Rico Source: Yahoo Sports

In a game against Greece, AR came off the bench. But he helped Team USA to blow Greece out as he led the team with 15 points and six assists. Moreover, Team USA won 109-81 against Greece. Austin Reaves scored 15 points in only 17 minutes, along with five rebounds and a couple of steals. He went on to receive the Player of the Game honors. In the process, AR became the first player to go for 15/5/5 off the bench or not named since LeBron James in the World Cup. While scoring the team-high 15 points, Austin Reaves thrilled the crowd in Manilla, Philippines, where Team USA is highly popular.

Not surprisingly enough, Reaves got another loud cheer and ovation from the crowd. He helped Team USA go up to 2-0 and move on to the next round. However, before the second round begins, the Americans will close the pool games against Jordan. But AR, in the game against Greece, displayed three major skills. At first, he had an immediate aggression as the crowd cheered him on. Secondly, AR had a two-way impact on the game. He was equally effective in offense as well as in defense. Moreover, as the third skill, he showed that he has a bag full of tricks that he can reach deeper into any time he wants. AR is proving every game that he is one of the best players in the roster loaded with emerging stars.

LeBron James Noticed The High IQ Of AR Quite Early On

LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers
LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers Source: SBNATION

King James was one of the first people in the Lakers franchise to recognize the high basketball IQ of Austin Reaves. Seeing Reaves and James in the playoffs was like seeing the master and the student in action against the best teams in the Western Conference Finals. Austin Reaves was on fire in the playoffs.

Especially against the Memphis Grizzlies, the second seed of the Western Conference, as well as against the Golden State Warriors, then defending champions in Rounds 1 and 2 last season. Both Reaves and James did their best in the conference finals, but the result did not go their way. Lately, LeBron James has already started preparations for the next season. However, AR is busy with Team USA in the FIBA World Cup.