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The roaring engines, the scent of burning rubber, and the intense chase—Formula 1 is gearing up for another thrilling ride, with the iconic Lewis Hamilton at the forefront. With seven world championships under his belt, Hamilton is not just a driver; he’s a legend. As the F1 universe anticipates the 2024 season, an intriguing storyline unfolds: Hamilton is poised to make history once again.

5 Breaking Ground: Winning a Grand Prix After 300 Race Starts

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In the exclusive world of Formula 1, where speed and precision reign supreme, longevity is a rare accolade. Lewis Hamilton, with a career spanning back to 2007, stands atop an exclusive club, completing an impressive 300 races in 2022. However, there’s a twist in the narrative. None of those who have crossed this threshold have managed to secure a victory. The challenge gains more excitement as the seasoned Fernando Alonso, with 380 races under his belt, joins the competition. The 2024 season promises an epic battle between experience and resilience.


4 Mastering Tracks: Pursuit of Most Wins on a Single Circuit

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Every driver has their favored racing grounds, and for Lewis Hamilton , the British and Hungarian Grand Prix have become synonymous with triumph. Eight wins each at these iconic tracks have seen him equal Michael Schumacher’s record at the French GP. Astonishingly, the 2022 and 2023 seasons concluded without a Hamilton victory, leaving fans eagerly awaiting a resurgence. The question looms large: can he break the tie and establish himself as the undisputed king of a single circuit in the 2024 season?

3 Podium Partnerships: Chasing Most Shared F1 Podiums with a Driver

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In the world of F1, rivalries are the spice that adds flavor to the competition. Hamilton’s tussles with teammates and adversaries alike have been the stuff of legend. The record for the most podiums shared by two drivers stands at 56, jointly held by Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. However, a new contender emerges in the form of Max Verstappen. The 2021 season saw them engage in a fierce battle, sharing the podium 52 times. As the rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen intensifies, the quest for five more shared podiums in 2024 takes center stage.

Lewis Hamilton—2 Pursuit of Perfection: Chasing Most F1 Grand Slams

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In the pursuit of perfection, there’s a term that encapsulates dominance: the Grand Slam. To achieve this feat, a driver must secure the top spot in qualifying, win the main race, leading every lap, and clock the fastest lap. Lewis Hamilton boasts six Grand Slams, yet he chases the elusive record of eight held by Jim Clark. The changing dynamics in the F1 landscape post-2021 present challenges, but Hamilton’s hunger for Grand Slam glory adds a layer of excitement to the 2024 season.

1 Championship Chase: Quest for Most F1 Drivers’ Championships

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Amidst the thundering engines and screeching tires, one record holds unparalleled significance for Lewis Hamilton—the most Drivers’ Championships. Having equaled Michael Schumacher’s seven titles in 2020, Lewis Hamilton seemed destined to break the record in 2021. However, a dramatic finale saw Max Verstappen snatch the title from his grasp. Hungry for redemption, Hamilton eyes his eighth championship in 2024. The promising signs from Mercedes’ 2024 F1 car tantalize fans, leaving them on the edge of their seats, wondering if this is the year Hamilton etches his name in history.

As the lights go out and the engines roar to life, the 2024 F1 season promises not just races but a canvas for Lewis Hamilton to paint his legacy. A season of records, rivalries, and relentless pursuit awaits, and fans worldwide buckle up for another chapter in the extraordinary career of Lewis Hamilton.