Lewis Hamilton Muhammed Ben Sulayem FIA
Lewis Hamilton Muhammed Ben Sulayem FIA Source: PlanetF1

FIA, Formula One’s official governing body, has always been at loggerheads with seven time world champion Lewis Hamilton. From 2021 Abu Dhabi GP heartbreak to jewellery ban to efforts to curb his voice against social issues, FIA historically have come down heavy on Lewis on multiple occassios.

Needless to say, Lewis Hamilton’s loss of confidence on FIA is fair. Meanwhile, in a recent development, managing director of F1 Drivers Academy, Susie Wolff filed a criminal complaint against FIA over a conflict of interest investigation. Backing Susie in the case, Lewis Hamilton took a strong stand against FIA and called out president Mohammed Ben Sulayem.


Lewis Hamilton Claims FIA President Has Never Had His Vote Of Confidence!

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton hit out at the FIA in his pre race press conference CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

Last off-season, FIA launched an investigation against Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff and wife Susie Wolff, who also happens to be F1 academy’s managing director. The investigation was launched on the backdrop of an alleged complaint received from rival teams and senior officials regarding a potential conflict of interest. The couple was accused of sharing confidential information related to F1 with one another. However. After all nine teams put out a statement denying the filing of an alleged complaint, FIA dropped the inquiry. While the matter died down, Susie Wolff sought to avenge the vilification. Last week, Susie filed a formal complaint against FIA in the criminal court, citing accountability and transparency from the governing body in the case that destroyed her reputation.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton sided with Susie Wolff in this case and applauded her courageous move to file a criminal complaint from outside the organization. He feels the FIA has lost everyone’s vote of confidence with the lack of transparency and accountability. Lewis added that things are handled behind closed doors in a messy manner. Further, Hamilton reacted to FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s tenure, adding that the president never ever had his vote of confidence. “Things that are happening behind closed doors, there is no transparency,” Hamilton said. Notably, FIA has been under major turmoil in Ben Sulayem’s leadership. Besides racing teams, even the F1 body is miffed with the manner in which serious matters are handled. The sport’s lost charm is a concern for F1.

Hamilton Takes A Jibe At Red Bull While Backing Susie Wolff!

Lewis Hamilton
Christian Horner and Lewis Hamilton © PA Images

While taking a strong stand for Susie Wolff in the midst of her showdown with FIA, Lewis Hamilton took a subtle dig at Red Bull. “We’re living in a time when the message is ‘If you file a complaint, you’ll be fired.’ That is a terrible narrative,” said Lewis Hamilton. While the Mercedes driver didn’t mention any names, the hint was towards Red Bull’s ongoing crisis.

Red Bull reportedly suspended the female employee who raised a sexual misconduct complaint against CEO and team principal Christian Horner. Apparently, the complainant has been suspended on full pay, citing inconsistencies in the evidence provided by her to incriminate Horner. However, the move could backfire on Red Bull as the victim is apparently seeking a legal route to hold Horner accountable.

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