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In an exciting game on Sunday evening, the Los Angeles Lakers barely won against the Houston Rockets. But a big problem lessened the joy of winning — the Lakers’ not-so-good shooting from far away. Even though they won, the team had a tough time, making only six out of 29 three-point shots. This raised worries about how well they can compete in today’s fast-paced NBA. LeBron James, in the midst of this challenge, shares insights into the Lakers’ shooting struggles and the path forward.

Struggle of Lakers with Three-Point Shots

The Lakers have been having a hard time shooting three-pointers for a while now, going on for several seasons. Despite trying to fix the problem, players seem to struggle when they wear the famous purple and gold jerseys. Maybe the pressure of playing for such a famous team adds to the difficulty. The team needs to find a solution soon to avoid problems at important moments during games.

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In the middle of the three-point problem, Austin Reaves, a shooting guard, did something great during the game against the Rockets. He made an important three-pointer that helped the Lakers win. This showed that he can perform well under pressure. LeBron James, the team’s main player, showed trust in Reaves and his teammates even when things were tough. “One thing about me, I’m going to continue to trust my teammates no matter if they go in or not.” LeBron James via Spectrum SportsNet

LeBron James Celebrates a Big Achievement Despite Shooting Problems

Even with the shooting issues, LeBron James reached a big milestone in Tuesday’s game against the Utah Jazz. He became the first player in NBA history to score 39,000 career points. To celebrate, James shared a picture on Instagram with a caption that said, “Top 2 and I’m not 2. 1 of 1!” In Tuesday’s game, he played only 24 minutes, his second-shortest time on the court this season, but still did well with 17 points, seven rebounds, and nine assists. James became the NBA’s top scorer last season, beating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s old record of 38,387 points. Now in his 21st season, the 38-year-old is still playing at a high level, with averages of 25.7 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 6.6 assists.

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If he stays healthy, it’s possible for James to score more than 40,000 points before he finishes his amazing career. While LeBron James celebrates personal goals, the Lakers face a big challenge with an ongoing problem that could hurt their chances in games. The team knows they need to find a way to shoot three-pointers better. They believe that if they keep getting good chances to score, even if the shots don’t go in, they can still do well. The Lakers understand they have to fix this problem quickly to stay competitive in the tough NBA.