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Lewis Hamilton Enquired About Red Bull Seat Before Signing Extension With Mercedes? Horner Drops Bombshell

In the exciting world of Formula 1, Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull Racing, recently shared a surprising part of the career of Lewis Hamilton story. Despite widespread speculation about his future, the seven-time F1 champion signed a new deal with Mercedes in August. This move put an end to the questions that had piqued curiosity across the motorsport community. However, what shocked many was Horner’s admission. Hamilton had thought about joining the Red Bull team before deciding to stick with Mercedes.

Did Lewis Hamilton Talk To Red Bull At The Start Of The Year?

Christian Horner disclosed discussions between Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull, revealing multiple talks over the years. These conversations explored the possibility of Hamilton joining the Austrian-based team. The surprising part was Horner sharing that the most recent talk happened earlier in the year. It suggests that Hamilton had actively considered other options beyond his long partnership with Mercedes.


While people speculated about the potential partnership of two racing giants, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, Horner added a bit of doubt. “I can’t see Max and Lewis working out together. The dynamic wouldn’t be right. We are 100 percent happy with what we have,” he mentioned. This insight into the team’s perspective unveils the delicate balance required in Formula 1 driver dynamics. It emphasizes the crucial role this balance plays in determining a team’s success.

Lewis Hamilton Talks With The Ferrari Chairman

Beyond the Red Bull discussions, Horner dropped another big piece of news by confirming that Lewis Hamilton had talks with John Elkann, the chairman of Ferrari. Meanwhile, these talks reportedly happened around the time of the Monaco Grand Prix in May. Horner hinted that these discussions were significant, possibly involving Frederic Vasseur, the head of Alfa Romeo Racing. The revelation of talks with the Ferrari chairman adds an interesting layer to the story about Lewis Hamilton’s future. Hamilton consistently denied considering Ferrari, but the confirmation of talks with John Elkann raises questions. It prompts a reconsideration of the factors that influenced Hamilton’s decision to stick with Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton

As the current Formula 1 season wraps up in Abu Dhabi this weekend, Christian Horner’s revelation adds an unexpected twist to the story during the off-season. Lewis Hamilton, having sorted out his future with Mercedes, is set to return next year in the W15, Mercedes’ F1 2024 car, with renewed hopes of challenging Red Bull’s dominance. The behind-the-scenes insights into Hamilton’s decision-making offer fans a fresh perspective on the complex world of Formula 1 driver negotiations, leaving them eagerly waiting for the drama to unfold in the upcoming season.