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CHECKOUT: LeBron James Knew Stephen Curry Was Special When He Saw Him Play For Davidson

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are fierce rivals in the modern-day NBA. They have both won four championships each. Moreover, these rivals have a lot in common. They were born in the same hospital. Moreover, they hail from Akron, Ohio. But they became rivals in the fiercest sense of the term during the period from 2015 to 2018. The all-time leading scorer was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers back then. He led the Cavaliers to four back-to-back NBA Finals. But each time, from 2015 to 2018, there were the same finalists. Those were the finals between the Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

Moreover, the fans got to see some epic finals live between Stephen Curry and LeBron James. However, it was clear that the Warriors were a far better side. They won three Finals series on those four occasions. But the Cavaliers did not let the Warriors have the perfect ending to an epic 2016 season. The Warriors had won a record 73 games, breaking the 1996 Chicago Bulls record. Even after this epic rivalry between Steph and Bron, it is hard to imagine how things really started between them. A long time ago, back in Steph’s Davidson days, LeBron James went to see him and said he saw a special talent.  


When LeBron James Knew Stephen Curry Was Special!

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Complex

It was the time of the “March Madness.” LeBron James was sitting in the front row at a Davidson game. He saw a young, skinny kid hailing from Akron, Ohio, where he was from, tearing apart the opponents in the NCAA. Later, LeBron James posted on X (previously called Twitter), saying, that Steph wasn’t any kid to him. King James thought Steph was special, and that’s why he went to see him play up close and personal. Who knew then the high-profile fan of Stephen Curry would be his fiercest rival in modern times?

It is weird to think that during the time of King James, there is an NBA dynasty, but that doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors. Hence, both are kings in their own rights. As Bron is the Scoring King, Steph is the three-point King. Clearly, they are among the top five greatest players of all time. Moreover, the rivalry between the two greats from Akron, Ohio, made the game more popular in modern times. And this rivalry still has a long way to go. 

Steph And Bron Still Going Strong

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: NBA.com

LeBron James turned 39 last December. Stephen Curry is 35 at present. But they still seem keen to win more rings. However, it is highly unlikely to see them meet again in the NBA Finals. Both are in the Western Conference. But that’s what makes the Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers clashes more special.

Currently, these two teams may not be the top teams in the West. But Steph and Bron are still the best ambassadors of the NBA. They are still the face of the league. No other player brings more fans to the games than these two gigantic stars from Akron, Ohio.

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