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LeBron James Lakers Source: Fadeaway World

LeBron James has been the face of the NBA since he debuted twenty years ago. There are not many dreams remaining for the great man to fulfill. However, before he retires, LBJ would like to play alongside his son, Bronny, in the league. After the era of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, there has been only one attraction in the NBA, and that’s King James. In his 20th season, LeBron James became the oldest player to score the most points in a conference final game.

Last season, James scored 40 points in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals on a losing cause. Since the end of the last season, speculations have been rising about LBJ’s retirement. It was because LeBron James hinted at his retirement twice. However, he is not looking to hang his boots just yet. At 38, King James still believes he has a lot more to give to the game of basketball. Indeed, it can be true, as he is still among the top players in the league, even at 38.


LeBron James Reveals Why He Is Still Playing!

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

Albeit, LeBron James might not be among the top ten players of the league anymore. But fans and experts believe LBJ can win one more MVP and one more title before he hangs his boots. If LeBron James wins one more MVP, then he would equal his idol, Michael Jordan. But the all-time scoring leader often says winning is the motivation. He means championships are more valuable than personal accomplishments. Hence, King James would like to help the Los Angeles Lakers win their 18th title.

Since no other team has won 18 so far, LBJ can write his name in the golden history of the Lakers. Anyway, the LA franchise was perhaps planning to retire LBJ’s jersey once he gets his induction into the Hall Of Fame. It is only a matter of time. However, fans are keen to see what more LeBron James has in store for them. Recently, King James mentioned he is still nice and feels he is in great shape. Moreover, LBJ believes he can still run faster and jump higher than most of the younger players in the league. Hence, no matter his age, there is no reason for LeBron James to quit now. 

LBJ Might Be The Most Complete Player Ever

LeBron James Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
LeBron James Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Source: Sporting News

There is not much else to accomplish in the game of basketball for the all-time scoring leader. He was the number-one pick in the 2003 NBA draft. This kid from Akron, Ohio, was the biggest prospect entering the league since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1969. Twenty years later, since his debut, LeBron James broke the ‘Captain’s 38-year-old scoring record.

Both Kareem and LeBron have an equal number of All-Star selections (19). Moreover, the kid from Akron, Ohio, has won four championships with three different teams in twenty seasons. Along with the number one spot in all-time scoring, LBJ is also number four in all-time assists. Indeed, the four-time MVP has been the most complete player ever. Moreover, LBJ’s new teammate, Austin Reaves, thinks so.