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Mercedes McLaren Lando Norris Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports

Besides Max Verstappen, Lando Norris was the most impressive F1 racer in the second half of the 2023 season. He had a few tough fights against the Mercedes superstar Lewis Hamilton for P2 finishes. Most of those races in the second half saw the McLaren driver overtaking the seven-time champion. Clearly, the whole F1 world has been talking about the huge progress that the McLaren team made over the course of the 2023 season. Many experts and even the current three-time champion predict that McLaren can be a threat in 2024.

Anyway, Lando Norris knows that it will be very hard to catch up to Max Verstappen because of his current form. The Dutch driver won 34 races in the past two years. It is quite unprecedented in the world of F1 Motorsport. On top of that, since the cost cap era began, Red Bull has been unstoppable. Clearly, they have the fastest car on the grid. But Lando Norris seems to have a lot of faith in his team. McLaren is gaining a lot of confidence after last year. Norris believes his team is ready to take the fight to Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in 2024.


Can Lando Norris Challenge Max Verstappen For The Title?

Max Verstappen Lando Norris
Max Verstappen Lando Norris Source: The SportsRush

Recently, quoted Norris, saying he is ready to win a few races this year. But winning a title is a little far too distant a dream for him and his team. Lando Norris believes he can take the fight to the top racers like Verstappen and Hamilton. But he has not been racing on the top of the grid consistently for a while. Moreover, Norris says that the idea of winning a title is a whole other level of excitement and pressure on everyone in the factory. However, he said his inclination is towards saying “Yes” if he gets the question: “Can you win some races in 2024?”

Lewis Hamilton has been winless on the trot for two years. Last season, Lando Norris gave some good fights to his compatriots during the US Grand Prix and the British Grand Prix. The McLaren driver won the battle against the former McLaren man in Silverstone. In Austin, Lewis Hamilton was able to beat Norris. However, he ultimately got disqualified. Moreover, there’s another reason why Lando Norris was in the news, and that’s because his contract extension with McLaren is not final yet. There are links between Norris and Red Bull. 

Will Norris Replace Checo To Be Verstappen’s New Teammate?

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Sergio Perez Red Bull Lando Norris McLaren Source: PlanetF1

Earlier, in an interview with Sky Sports, Lando Norris mentioned he is not very keen to be the Dutch driver’s teammate. He said he would take time to adjust if he joined the Austrian outfit. Moreover, Lando pointed out that Red Bull centers around Max Verstappen after he won three titles with them.

And Max also helped them get back to the top. Hence, in conclusion, the McLaren driver said it would be an unwise decision to join his good friend Max at the Milton Keynes outfit. On the other hand, Norris said his good friend is the driver to beat, which he is eager to do this year. 

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