Lakers guards D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves talk Sunday during a break in action of Game 1. (Brandon Dill / Associated Press)

Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell teamed up last season to help the Los Angeles Lakers reach Western Conference Finals. Being a part of the new look roster, the duo aced their respective duties and emerged as the rising stars of Hollywood. Reaves and Russell showed excellent glimpses of good perimeter shooting and high basketball IQ in just a few months.

As a result, the duo earned their reward in the off-season. While Austin Reaves signed a mega four-year $53 million extension deal with the Lakers, D’Angelo Russell settled for two year deal worth $37 million. Now that the duo is set to team up for the next couple of seasons, Reaves heaped praises on DLo whilst listing the latter’s unusual quality.


Austin Reaves Calls Guard D’Angelo Russell A “Selfless” Teammate

Lakers guards D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves. Getty

Friendships on the court of the NBA are a rare sight. The competition remains cutthroat, and each player is always looking to steal another’s seat on the roster. However, Los Angeles Lakers’ newest additions have managed to form a true bond in a very limited time. Guard Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell played a defining role in LA’s playoff success last season. It was the first time the duo were pairing up in professional basketball. On the court, the duo were often spotted supporting and celebrating each other’s success. Meanwhile, Reaves appeared on Full Send Podcast and was asked to share his thoughts on playing with DLo.

Austin Reaves did not mince his words and said that D’Angelo Russell is the most selfless teammate he has ever played with. The guard really wants to see everybody on the team do good and succeed. Moreover, it’s only because of DLo’s selfless nature that Austin was able to connect so deeply with him. Earlier, Russell also praised Reaves in a podcast with former Laker Patrick Beverley. He said that the rookie does not get enough credit because of his skin color. What he has managed to produce in such a short span is nothing short of remarkable. These statements only prove the level of mutual respect shared between these two young individuals. Despite being in a competitive environment, the guard duo has managed to find a middle ground to enjoy each other’s company.

D’Angelo Russell Sparks Trade Speculation By Unfollowing Lakers On Social Media


Meanwhile, the trade market is rife with speculations over D’Angelo Russell’s future with the Lakers. While the guard signed a two-year extension contract a few weeks ago, rumors have it that Rob Pelinka might consider shipping away Russell to the 76ers. James Harden has declared an all-out war against the 76ers management and wants to discontinue his association with Philadelphia.

On the other hand, D’Angelo Russell, unhappy over his role within the team, has unfollowed the Lakers on Instagram. This suggests that all is not well between the guard and the LA organization. Under these circumstances, could a trade between the Lakers and 76ers be on the cards in the near future? It is a possibility that should not be ruled out.