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Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Draymond Green & Klay Thompson. Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins recently spoke out about the Golden State Warriors and their chances of winning a championship. Despite the team’s recent winning streak, Perkins thinks they still have a long way to go. He believes their coach, Steve Kerr, deserves an apology for some harsh criticism but doesn’t think the team is ready for a championship just yet. Let’s take a closer look at Perkins’ thoughts and what they mean for the Warriors as they try to get back on top.

Kendrick Perkins’ Critique Warriors

Former NBA big man Kendrick Perkins didn’t hold back in sharing his rather harsh thoughts on Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors amid their recent hot streak. The Warriors, currently on a three-game winning streak, seem to have found their rhythm, prompting them to maintain a relatively low profile during the NBA trade deadline. Despite numerous trade rumors circulating for months, the Dubs only made one move, sending Cory Joseph away.

Klay Thompson Draymond Green Stephen Curry Warriors
Klay Thompson Draymond Green Stephen Curry Warriors Source:

Perkins, known for his candid commentary, admitted that the Warriors are moving in the right direction. He even extended an apology to Kerr for what he acknowledged as perhaps over-the-top criticism. However, Perkins, a one-time champion himself, firmly expressed his belief that the Warriors are not on a path leading to another championship.

“Let me apologize to Steve Kerr because I’ve been very critical of him … I kinda overdid it a little bit … When I look at the Golden State Warriors, are they moving in the right direction? Yes. In a championship direction? No,” Perkins remarked.

Warriors Assessment

Sure enough, it’s easy to see where Kendrick Perkins is coming from. While Steve Kerr and his Warriors have won three in a row, they are still far from being legitimate championship contenders. After a convincing win over the Indiana Pacers, the Warriors improved to a 24-25 record for the season, placing them at the 11th spot in the highly competitive Western Conference. Despite the recent positive momentum, Perkins believes the Warriors have a substantial amount of ground to cover before being considered true championship contenders.

Steve Kerr
NBA/Steve Kerr

The Warriors have a lot of work to do, and until they climb back to postseason contention, the criticisms from Perkins and other doubters will only continue. The road to championship contention appears to be a challenging one for the Warriors. As they continue to navigate through the season, each victory is crucial, and every defeat raises questions about their ability to compete at the highest level. With Perkins and other skeptics closely watching, Steve Kerr and the Warriors will need more than just a winning streak to silence their critics and solidify their place among the NBA elite.

Kendrick Perkins’ unfiltered critique adds an intriguing layer to the Golden State Warriors’ narrative. As they strive to prove their doubters wrong, the Warriors will need to turn their recent success into sustained excellence to truly contend for another NBA title. The journey ahead promises excitement, challenges, and the opportunity for redemption in the eyes of both critics and fans alike.