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The New York Yankees suffered a lot last season when Aaron Judge was out with a toe injury. He faced a freak accident at the Dodgers Stadium fence. The NY side’s captain missed 35 games on the trot last year. Clearly, the 2022 AL MVP was the only superstar hitter in the team. But his accident ruined everything for the Bronx Bombers. However, when the captain returned to the rotation at the fag end of the regular season, it was already too late. The NY side lost several games and was on the brink of missing out on the postseason. And they did miss it last year.

Moreover, Aaron Judge did not look 100% healthy either after he returned last year. But things have changed a lot since then. The Yankees made sure they bolster their outfield, and the captain gets enough backup. In the last few seasons, the pressure was too much on the captain. But now, the Yankees have Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo, and Trent Grisham in their outfield, making them one of the best in the league. However, Aaron Boone says if the captain feels 100% healthy, he won’t give him much scope of rest. 


Yankees Manager Won’t Give Aaron Judge Rest If He’s 100% Healthy

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On Monday, in an interview with the Talkin’ Yanks podcast, Aaron Boone mentioned he has no plans to rest his captain if he feels his best. In 2023, Aaron Judge was off to a flying start and looked to continue his form from his MVP season in 2022. However, things broke apart when he had that freak accident. The Yankees captain hurt his toe but, in return, weakened the lineup. Moreover, last season ended with such disappointment for the Yankees Nation. Despite Judge’s fine start last year, the Bronx Bombers ended with the second-worst batting average. But after getting things right this winter, the Yankees look more stable and confident.

Moreover, Aaron Boone has a lot of faith in the 2022 AL MVP. During the interview with the Talkin’ Yanks podcast, Boone said Judge is really good at playing through certain things, especially mental challenges. The captain does not break in those situations. Hence, the manager has no intention to rest the MVP contender as long as he stays healthy. Only injuries can force the manager to rest the captain and nothing else. But the last few seasons proved that injuries are part and parcel of the NY side every year. 

Who Will Play Third – Judge Or Soto?

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: NBC Sports

Things have changed ever since the arrival of the Dominican superstar in the Bronx. Juan Soto raises the hopes of the Yankees faithful for the upcoming season. Last year, the Bronx Bombers had a weak offense. But with the former San Diego Padres superstar in the same lineup as Aaron Judge, the outfield looks really strong. However, the manager must figure out who will he play second and third.

The Yankees captain throughout his time in the Bronx played second. But Boone said Juan Soto might play second this season. Moreover, it will come down to how the leadoff section is able to perform. Chances are DJ LeMahieu will get the role. But Gleyber Torres and Alex Verdugo are also running for the spot.

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