Austin Reaves has been the new sensation of the Los Angeles Lakers. What is more fascinating is his journey from being an undrafted player to the third most important player in the Lakers team. And all this happened in a matter of two seasons. Recently, the Lakers GM and Head Coach talked to the media in a news conference, and they sounded pretty happy about how things are going. Talking about LeBron James, both Darvin Ham and Rob Pelinka sounded like they were in awe of the man. At 38, the all-time leading scorer is prepping like a rookie ahead of his 21st NBA season.

They appreciate how LeBron James inspires his teammates with his commitment and work ethic. Later, Rob Pelinka praised Austin Reaves, as many experts believe resigning him has been the best decision of the Lakers this offseason. Moreover, Austin Reaves played a massive role in helping the Lakers reach the conference finals last season. Since then, the popularity of Austin Reaves has been skyrocketing. But AR does not let such praises and compliments get to him. That’s what the Lakers GM loves about the kid. Moreover, in the news conference, Rob Pelinka compared Reaves with Kobe Bryant. 


Rob Pelinka Reveals How Austin Reaves Is A Lot Like His Hero Kobe Bryant

Rob Pelinka Kobe Bryant Lakers
Rob Pelinka Kobe Bryant Lakers Source: People

Austin Reaves has proved in the two NBA seasons and the FIBA World Cup that he has a very positive attitude towards the game. That’s what keeps AR going. Lately, Rob Pelinka mentioned Reaves has got that “Mamba gene.” Moreover, the Lakers GM noted that the unbelievable rise of Austin Reaves is not a surprise to him and the franchise. They know how dedicated Reaves is. He doesn’t care about personal accolades. It is all about working hard and being a great teammate. Moreover, he really wants to help the Lakers win their 18th title.

Rob Pelinka adds that the Hillbilly Kobe is very competitive and wants to help his team win, exactly like the late Kobe Bryant. Moreover, the Lakers GM noted that every team coach and player admires Reaves. Both Ham and Pelinka saw everybody appreciating AR’s skills and performances in the FIBA World Cup. However, Austin Reaves could not help Team USA win the World Cup. Moreover, AR has been a big Lakers and Kobe Bryant fan since he was a kid. Hence, it has been a dream for him to wear the Purple and Gold jersey. And now he has become an integral part of the franchise. 

Fans Already Starting To Compare AR And LBJ

Austin Reaves LeBron James
Austin Reaves LeBron James Source: Sporting News

The Arkansas native needed just two seasons to prove his mettle. In his sophomore year, the Oklahoma Sooners kid impressed everybody with his consistency and high basketball IQ. Moreover, the way he adapts to every game against different oppositions has been indeed impressive.

Lately, he played in the FIBA World Cup and proved that he was the best player in the Team USA squad. The Philippines fans loved him, and a fan in Manila compared Austin Reaves with LeBron James. That particular fan even said AR is greater than LBJ. In reply, Austin Reaves joked about teasing LeBron James later about that comparison. However, now both LBJ and AR are keen on prepping for the next season.