Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
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Lewis Hamilton has been an absolute champion of the F1 grid. But Lewis Hamilton has been winless since the 2021 Grand Prix. It has been almost two years, but Hamilton and Mercedes have failed to live up to the expectations. Nobody knows when Lewis Hamilton can end his win drought. And if Mercedes can win a race this season. Red Bull has mostly dominated the season with their champion driver, Max Verstappen. However, Lewis Hamilton is 38, and he is not getting any younger. Moreover, in his 15-year-long and illustrious career, there is little remaining for Hamilton to accomplish as an F1 driver besides the coveted eighth world championship.

Recently, in an interview with GQ Sports, the seven-time champion mentioned his dream has been to race in the African Grand Prix. It is actually a pretty good prospect for Formula One. Clearly, the governing body, FIA, loves to increase the number of races in a calendar. Then, how about adding a Grand Prix on a whole other continent? Moreover, Formula One has raced in Europe, South America, North America, Australia, and Asia every season in the modern era. But what about Africa?


Mercedes Star Wants To Race In Africa

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: SportsMax

Why is there no Grand Prix in Africa? That’s what Lewis Hamilton is thinking. The seven-time champion believes it is a great initiative to educate people as well as good for the economy when a nation hosts a Grand Prix. It is great for the Traveling and Tourism industry as it attracts a lot of attention and more traveling for the teams. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton noted that when the F1 teams travel, they have a scope of impacting the communities and leaving a long-lasting legacy. It should not be merely about hosting a show, doing the show, and just leaving. Moreover, Hamilton gave ideas for places in Africa where they could have a Grand Prix. As per the seven-time champion, Johannesburg and Cape Town are two good options for hosting F1 Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton mentioned he raced in every other continent in his 15-year-long career. But he really wants to race in Africa before he hangs his helmet. Last year, he traveled around Africa and constantly asked one question about when that African GP would happen. There used to be a Grand Prix in Africa’s Kyalami circuit. Moreover, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali had a talk with the stakeholders and officials to revive the track in Kyalami. In 2024, the African GP could happen, but there has been a delay because of the country’s connection with Russia. Hence, there is no clarity about the Kyalami circuit’s return in 2025 so far.   

Can Lewis Hamilton End His Career With Eight Championships?

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In his long and illustrious career, Hamilton won a staggering 103 races and 104 pole positions. Moreover, he is an all-time leader in F1’s race wins, podiums, and pole position categories. Hamilton has undoubtedly been one of the most successful drivers in F1 Motorsport history. But the one and perhaps the most popular category of F1 accomplishments is the number of championships.

Currently, the Mercedes star is jointly the most successful driver in terms of title wins with Michael Schumacher. Both drivers have won seven titles each. But his F1 career is not over yet. Who knows, he might end up winning his eighth world championship before he retires. Then he can quite aptly claim to be the GOAT of F1.