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LeBron James needs to be at his best if the LA Lakers want to win the title this season. On Wednesday, the Lakers displayed their best performance of the season so far. And who led the LA side to an incredible win against their Los Angeles rivals. It was none other than the all-time leading scorer. LeBron James helped the LA Lakers end their 11-game losing streak to the LA Clippers. He played almost over the 40-minute mark, and halfway through overtime, the Lakers won 130-125.

In the end, King James scored 35 points. Along with that, he grabbed 12 rebounds and contributed more with seven assists in the 42 minutes he was out there. In the post-game interview, Austin Reaves talked about his alley-oop pass to LeBron James at the fag end of the game. After stealing the ball from Kawhi Leonard, Reaves was storming up on a fastbreak, and he could have shot it himself. But he decided to pass it to LeBron James so that he could dunk it.


Teammates Praise LeBron James For Leading The Side To End The Losing Streak Against The Clippers

Austin Reaves LeBron James
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As per ESPN, Austin Reaves mentioned at no point did he think he was going to shoot it. He saw LBJ rushing in, and he passed it the whole way. Later, Reaves mentioned how impressive LeBron James was with his dunk. The Arkansas native mentioned that it seems like he can throw the ball anywhere, and LBJ can just go and get it. That’s just crazy as it proves how long King James has been playing this game. Even LBJ added that Reaves trusted him with the ball and he is just happy to go up there and score at this point of his career. From that point on, D’Angelo Russell believes LeBron James took over the game.

That’s how dominating that dunk was. Moreover, King James mentioned if the team is able to keep the game close, then he can make plays to win the ballgame. It does not matter who’s out there on the floor. LBJ feels he is at his best in the fourth quarter. Moreover, Anthony Davis had a great outing against the Clippers on Wednesday. Even he mentioned that LeBron James has been phenomenal down the stretch. AD feels the coaching staff is banking minutes early on and then letting LBJ flow throughout the last quarter.   

Fans Expect A Lot More From The Lakers

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Christian Wood Lakers Source: Basketball Forever

The Los Angeles Lakers did not have a great start to the season. After the first four games, the LA side had lost a couple and won a couple. Moreover, the team was unable to live up to the hype they generated in the offseason. After all, they did a great job of maintaining balance and depth in the roster. They were successful enough to keep the core together.

Hence, fans expect them to be a top contender for the title this season. The fans have been waiting for a long time to see the Lakers play at their best. Moreover, the Lakers could not quite get to their best in the first four games. However, the fourth game in the regular season against the LA Clippers was where they shined.