LeBron James Russell Westbrook

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook were two friends who became foes. Anyhow, after signing with the Clippers, Westbrook helped in establishing the rivalry between the two LA teams. Moreover, in his first appearance against the Lakers and representing the Clippers, Westbrook made it clear that he has taken things personally between him and LeBron James. Since then, the fans knew that the James-Westbrook duo, who were once friends, have turned into foes.

In the new season, the Lakers met the Clippers on Wednesday. LeBron’s side beat Westbrook’s side 130-125. In fact, LeBron James was the main force behind the Lakers victory. Anyhow, prior to the start of the game, LeBron James came to dap all the Clippers players. However, he did not dap or say hi to Westbrook.


Why Did LeBron James Ignore Russell Westbrook On Wednesday?

LeBron James Russell Westbrook
LeBron James Russell Westbrook Source: Sporting News

It was even more weird to see Russell Westbrook standing on the other end as the game was about to begin. Moreover, fans cannot blame LeBron James for not going all the way to the other end to say hi. Albeit it is not a big deal, it is always fun to see the growing drama between the LA rivals. Moreover, LeBron James got his revenge in that game when he made an impressive block against Westbrook. Fans should be ready for more such fun battles as the two sides will meet two or three times more this regular season.

There can be many storylines written about the rivalry between the Lakers and the Clippers. But none will be more interesting than the case of Russell Westbrook. He stayed with the Lakers for more than a year, and then they traded him. But Westbrook claims that he’s very happy to be part of the Clipper’s locker room. Apparently, the Clippers let him play the way he wants, unlike the Lakers. 

Did Russell Westbrook Forget His Time With The Lakers?

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook Source: Lakers Brasil

When Westbrook joined the Lakers in 2021, the front office planned for a trio star team to win the titles. There was the belief the star-studded LA Lakers could win many titles. But soon, the results came out, and it was not very positive. The trio stars – LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook could not produce many victories. Moreover, it was a struggle for the LA side to hold on to a winning streak. On top of that, it was quite clear that the team did not have much balance and depth in their roster. Hence, injuries to key players cost them heavily.

Later, the fans blamed Russell Westbrook for under-performing. The Lakers Nation blamed Westbrook for not scoring enough. Anyway, the fans started the rumor that Westbrook was only part of the team because he was an All-Star. And that he is not an All-Star level player anymore. Later, the front office tried very hard to trade Westbrook. And eventually, they traded him to the Utah Jazz on the basis of a three-team deal. However, Russell Westbrook wanted to stay in Los Angeles. As a result, he signed with the LA Clippers last February.