Lewis Hamilton Kobe Bryant
Lewis Hamilton Kobe Bryant Source: The Sports Rush

Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton has been an inspiration for many fans all over the world. His career has spanned over 15 years. The superstar F1 driver’s fame has reached beyond the lines of the sport. Hamilton is keen on making great movies as well. It is very clear since he launched a production house last year. Moreover, the first project of his house, Dawn Apollo, will be a movie based on the F1 sport. That film will star Brad Pitt. Moreover, the F1 movie starring Pitt is making a lot of noise.

And fans expect it to be a bigger hit than the Netflix show Drive To Survive. But launching a film production house is something very unique for a sportsperson and not just an F1 driver. Hamilton’s movie is highly anticipated, with a $140 million budget. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton is part of the movie as a producer, of course. However, as it turns out, Hamilton said in the Jay Shetty podcast that Kobe Bryant was the inspiration behind the launch of his production house. 


How Did Kobe Bryant Inspire Lewis Hamilton To Launch Dawn Apollo Films?

Lewis Hamilton Brad Pitt
Lewis Hamilton Brad Pitt Source: Insider

Early in the year, on Jay Shetty’s podcast, Lewis Hamilton spoke about life and his future goals. The seven-time champion told Jay Shetty that Kobe Bryant and so many out there inspired him to launch his production house to tell unique stories. Hamilton said it is very important to him that he uses storytelling to inspire people. Moreover, he thrives on diversity in his film’s workforce. Lewis Hamilton said he is working with Brad Pitt and the makers of TopGun 2: Maverick. But he makes sure that there is as much diversity on and off the camera during the filmmaking process of his productions.

Even during the podcast, Hamilton and Shetty discussed the mission of Kobe Bryant to make short animated or non-animated movies and tell stories that resonated globally. Moreover, Bryant influenced Lewis Hamilton on number of occasions other than just for storytelling. Even Hamilton learned how to answer his haters from Bryant. Back in 2020, when Lewis won his seventh title, he silenced his haters without going on a rant. Hamilton quoted Bryant saying, “It is a good problem to have haters. Nobody hates the good guys. But they hate the great guys.”

Nobody Can Close To The Mercedes Star Being The Most Fan Favorite

Lewis Hamilton Brazilian Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton Brazilian Grand Prix Source: The Guardian

The great Briton broke several records in a long and illustrious career. Albeit he will turn 39 before the next season starts, Hamilton is still a contender for the upcoming seasons. Moreover, the Mercedes star and Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso have broken the age barrier in F1 in recent times. Clearly, drivers can go on to have a long career in F1 if they have sound health and physique. That’s what Hamilton and Alonso are proving time and again.

But the seven-time champion is different from all other F1 racers. Like Toto Wolff said several times that, Lewis Hamilton transcended the F1 Motorsport. Moreover, if there is any driver who has been the biggest name in F1 after Michael Schumacher, that’s Hamilton. Both Schumacher and Hamilton are seven-time champions. Anyway, for the modern generation of F1 fans, nobody comes close to Lewis Hamilton.