Cody Morris
Cody Morris Source: Yardbarker

The New York Yankees had a pretty good bullpen last season. But where did it take them? Nowhere. The Bronx Bombers could not even make the postseason. Moreover, they had one of the worst seasons in the franchise’s history. The NY side ended with an 82-80 record. At present, they really need a quality starting pitcher who fits well alongside Gerrit Cole.

Carlos Rodon has not been in good form. Last year was quite disappointing for Rodon. Moreover, the Yankees might have to buy a high-profile free agent who’s available at the moment. Will it be Blake Snell or a reunion with Jordan Montgomery? As per a recent Forbes article, Cody Morris is someone the NY side can really pin their hopes on. 


Cody Morris Can Be A Versatile And Formidable Starting Pitcher

Cody Morris
Cody Morris Source: Sports Illustrated

According to the scouting reports of Forbes, the Cleveland Guardians traded Cody Morris to the Yankees last month. In exchange, the NY side traded the 26-year-old Estevan Florial. It means the Bronx Bombers traded a lefty outfielder for a righty pitcher. As per Forbes, it can be consequential for both Cleveland and New York. The Guardians need offensive power, and the Pinstripes need depth in their bullpen. Morris is just 27 years old. But the bigger concern is his health issues. Last season, Cody Morris could not play many games due to a major strain. A strain to a muscle below his shoulder halted his last season’s campaign. However, Morris has a solid repertoire. He has a formidable presence on the mound with a height of 6’4 and weighs 205 pounds. As of this day, Morris has a history of 210.1 innings in minor league.

However, for the Cleveland franchise, Morris appeared for 13 games in the big league and started on five occasions. On the 2022 playoff roster, the Guardians did include Morris. But injuries have been a part of his professional career. Anyhow, Morris can offer his four-seam fastball, which is around 92-95 miles per hour. He can even throw at 97 mph. He can also throw curveballs and cutters. Morris has a pretty good command and pitching control. But the Yankees must have concerns because he has never pitched more than 89 innings in any year of his professional career. But the NY side can evaluate him in the spring training. Moreover, if Morris can maintain sound health in New York, then he can be a potential prospect for the Yankees starting pitcher. 

Yankees Had A Terrible Offense Last Season, But Now The Depth In Bullpen That Worries Them The Most

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

Clearly, the NY side’s problem lay with their offense. The Pinstripes had the second-worst batting average in the league last season. Only the Oakland Athletics had a worse batting average than the 27-time champions. It sure was deeply concerning. Hence, the NY side made sure they bolstered their outfield and brought in some big names in their hitting department. Moreover, the Yankees got the best offensive player in the league from the San Diego Padres.

Hopefully, Juan Soto can help the Bronx Bombers make the postseason in 2024. However, the Yankees face another big concern at present. It is about their bullpen. Meanwhile, the NY side tried to bring in more hitters and, in return, gave away a lot of pitchers and catchers. As a result, the 27-time champions are facing all of a sudden a worsening pitching situation. Now, they must figure out a way to control this collateral damage.