The biggest shockwave in the F1 arena was Adrian Newey’s sudden exit. The Briton, 65, was a key personnel in developing the Red Bull racing team from scratch. He helped the team win thirteen world titles, establishing its dominance. Newey, popularly known as ‘Aero Wizard,’ has been revolutionary in designing some of the most powerful cars. However, after a two-decade successful stint, he decided to pass the baton and look for new avenues. 

However, his abrupt resignation was prompted by the ongoing tussle within RBR management. A female colleague accused the team principal, Christian Horner, of sexual misconduct. Although the investigating team gave him a clean chit, the complaint has asked for a review. Thus, the entire scenario pushed Newey to put a full stop on his journey with Red Bull. 


Ferrari In Active Pursuit Of Newey’s Services

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Speculations about his next move have been circulating since the official confirmation of Newey’s departure was aired. However, former Haas Boss was intrigued by the fact that Red Bull allowed a veteran to leave without any repercussions. During an interview with racingnews365, Guenther Steiner expressed his views on the Brit’s exit. The veteran car designer is set to leave RBR after the first quarter of 2025. Thus, he can work with a new outfit, if he wants to, from April 2025. This surprised Steiner as he had expected a twisted ‘exit clause’ to bar Newey from joining a rival team. Moreover, the cars in 2025 will be similar to the current season, as huge changes are not expected. However, Steiner feels the need for long-term investment is crucial with the new regulations incoming. The new regulations will bring many changes; thus, the teams need stability to get a headstart. 

Further, he added that the news of Newey’s exit was similar to Hamilton’s Ferrari move. However, the Italian was not shocked by this news. Newey’s future in F1 remains a mystery, as he has yet to announce a new signing. Nevertheless, Ferrari is looking forward to signing the veteran designer. The Prancing Horses sought the services of Newey back in 2014. However, a decade later, they remain up for grabs. Newey’s vast experience could greatly assist the team in smoothly navigating the upcoming regulations.

Can Adrian Newey Revive Williams?

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Besides Scuderia, Williams is waiting to get Newey to the pit. Williams’ team principal, James Vowels, is in talks with Newey. The team wants to offer him a consultation role with no ‘political’ aspect. 

Newey was part of William’s 1992 world championship triumph, where he designed the famous FW14B car for Nigel Mansell. However, Williams has consistently struggled to build a decent car. Therefore, Newey could help them revive the charm with his tactics and experience.