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The New York Yankees captain and lead batter, Aaron Judge, is undoubtedly the pillar that holds the roster together. With him in the lineup, the Bronx Bombers are the most formidable and feared team for the opponents. But without his leadership and vital presence, the atmosphere in the camp has completely turned upside down.

Aaron Judge has been out due to injury for nearly a month. In those four weeks, the Yankees have fallen apart like a house of cards. The offensive lineup filled with heavyweight names is struggling to produce basic baseball. As a result of their failure, the team is suffering at large. To further understand the importance of Judge’s presence in the lineup, let’s look at ace pitcher Gerrit Cole’s epic reaction to the captain speaking on his probable return.


Yankees Gerrit Cole Gets Cheeky On Aaron Judge’s Comeback Comments

Gerrit Cole is praying that Aaron Judge returns to the Yankees shortly after the All-Star break. TODAY

It’s time for the “Hope Week” in New York. The “Hope Week” initiative is a community outreach program organized by the New York Yankees. The initiative was launched in 2009 and has since become an annual tradition for the team. They dedicate a week of their regular season to highlighting and supporting individuals, organizations, or causes that inspire hope in the community. Throughout the week, players, coaches, and front office staff actively participate in various activities and events that benefit the chosen honorees. This year, the event kicked off on Monday, prior to the series opener vs. Baltimore Orioles.

Yankees captain Aaron Judge, ace pitcher Gerrit Cole, and manager Aaron Boone appeared for a live show to kick off “Hope Week.” During the show, the focus quickly shifted to Judge’s injury developments. The host raised a question about his rumored return after the All-Star break. To this, the captain smirked and said that he was hopeful but could not say for sure. Meanwhile, Gerrit Cole was soaking it all in while standing right beside the captain. As soon as the question popped, he made a praying hand gesture to indicate how badly he wanted his captain to get back on the field. The video of the moment was caught on camera and has been widely shared on social media. Surely, Cole’s feeling resonated with a lot of Yankee followers and players as they awaited Judge’s return desperately.

Aaron Judge Debunks Rumors, Optimistic To Return This Season

Aaron Judge
Credit: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Yankees injured captain Aaron Judge caused a massive stir when he revealed inside information on his injury diagnosis. He confirmed that the ligament tissue of his right toe is “torn” as a result of the crash that took place at the Dodgers stadium on June 4. This led to several wild speculations and rumors. Some suggested that Judge will not be able to continue further in the season as torn ligament injuries take months to heal.

However, Aaron Judge came forward to clarify the rumors and said that he most definitely wanted to be back. He is making every possible effort in that direction. While the captain was unable to pinpoint a certain date, the second half of the season was his best bet. For now, the batter intends to put the All-Star break to good use. Maybe a couple of weeks later, we might see Judge in full action. Until then, the Yankees must hold themselves together.