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Carlos Rodon was viewed as the key to the New York Yankees’ success when he signed a mega six-year $162 million contract earlier this year. Neglecting the pitcher’s troubling injury history, the front office placed their bet, which proved to be a big mistake. Just weeks after signing the lucrative contract, Rodon picked up an injury that kept him out for six weeks.

Later, a chronic back injury relapsed, which further pushed Carlos Rodon’s pinstripes debut by six additional weeks. It was only until mid-July that the pitcher was able to take the mound. However, the performance was never translated as he struggled to grapple with rhythm. To address his troubles, former Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte is being tasked to help Rodon in the near future.


Andy Pettitte Backing Carlos Rodon To Finish The Season On A High!

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Former Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte returned to the organization in a new role this year. He is now the adviser of the Yankees pitching department. Andy’s one of the many tasks is to address Carlos Rodon’s struggles. With whatever the former Yankee has made out of the situation so far, he completely sympathizes with the 30-year-old. He says that New York is a tough place to be for any pitcher. Even during his time, he faced a lot of pressure on a constant basis. Having said that, Andy has always advised Rodon to be himself. The pitcher is a bit shaken up by the setback but is trying to stay positive.

Further, Carlos Rodon is set to pitch his last start of a forgettable season on Saturday at the Yankee stadium. Before the big day, Pettitte is trying to pass on positive vibes to Rodon. He believes that perception is subject to change. If he managed to get 10 hitters out on Saturday, the pitcher will regain the fans’ confidence. “But I told him not to worry about all that. He needs to go out there and keep his blinders on,” added the former Yankee. All things said and done, Carlos Rodon needs to finish the 2023 season on a high to enter the 2024 one with new energy and an abundance of confidence. He still has five years left in the contract to make a difference and justify the payroll.

CC Sabathia Extends Valuable Advice To Yankees Struggling Starter!

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Meanwhile, another former Yankee great, CC Sabathia, has shared his valuable piece of advice to struggling Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon. He urged Rodon to stay true to himself and, most importantly, stay healthy. “If you do that and be yourself, the fans will love you. Good or bad,” added Sabathia. He further asked the pitcher to own up to his mistakes and try to learn from them as much as possible.

New York is not an easy place to thrive in. CC Sabathia, out of all people, understands the pressure. Hence, he backed Carlos Rodon to get better in 2024. It’s just his first year of the six-year contract, and he would have enough time to prove his worth. For now, the pitcher’s priority should be to close out the season on a high.