Lewis Hamilton Fred Vasseur Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton Fred Vasseur Ferrari Source: Sky Sports F1

Sir Lewis Hamilton is racing for Mercedes one last time before moving to Ferrari from next year. He mentioned earlier in interviews that it was his childhood dream to wear the iconic “Red uniform.” However, the great Briton is not alone. Generally, almost all aspiring F1 racers dream of joining the Italian team. After all, the record speaks volumes for the iconic team. However, the Mercedes star’s story differs slightly from other aspiring racers. First of all, the great English racer will wear the iconic “Red uniform” at the age of 40. Moreover, as he is on his way to joining the most successful F1 team of all time, Lewis Hamilton established himself as the most successful F1 racer of all time.

Hence, it is the collaboration between the greatest team and driver of all time. Every F1 fans have been waiting for that for a long time. Finally, it will happen in 2025. But before that epic partnership begins, the seven-time champion racer would like to end his epic collaboration with Mercedes on a positive note. However, in the first two races of 2024, Ferrari performed better than Mercedes. Moreover, there is a new F1 racer, Oliver Bearman, racing for Ferrari as a replacement for Carlos Sainz Jr. Fans and media are guessing the 18-year-old might be the successor of Hamilton. But Fred Vasseur shuts down those rumors.


Ferrari Is Not Encouraging The Talks Of Lewis Hamilton’s Successor Just Yet

Lewis Hamilton Oliver Bearman Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton Oliver Bearman Ferrari Source: PlanetF1

The 39-year-old former champion has not even joined the Italian team. But some fans and media personnel have already started talking about Hamilton’s successors. There is a good reason for that. Lewis Hamilton will be 40 years old next year. Nobody knows what his plan is for the future. How long does he plan to continue racing? On the other hand, there is this kid Oliver Bearman, who made his debut in F1 this season, replacing Carlos Sainz Jr. because the latter is unwell. Next year, Hamilton will replace the Spaniard for the Ferrari seat and will be Charles Leclerc’s new teammate.

But the 18-year-old kid really impressed the fans as he managed to score points in Jeddah. However, Fred Vasseur is not thinking about the time after Hamilton yet. In the post-race interview in Saudi Arabia, the Ferrari boss asked the reporters not to start that talk because Hamilton is not yet on the team. Anyhow, Vasseur praised the new and young Ferrari driver. Moreover, he said the Australian GP will be an essential challenge for “Ollie.” 

Ferrari Boss Praised The Young British Driver 

Ferrari Fred Vasseur Oliver Bearman
Ferrari Fred Vasseur Oliver Bearman Source: The Sports Rush

What impressed Vasseur about Bearman was his quick learning skills. In his debut, Oliver Bearman had one hour for practice before qualifying. Moreover, Fred Vasseur mentioned Bearman had a short weekend without FP1 and FP2. But he did not make any mistakes. The Ferrari boss said, “That’s unrealistic.”

Vasseur feels Jeddah was an important milestone for “Ollie.” But there are more challenges to come his way in his future with F2, says, Vasseur. Moreover, the Ferrari boss believes it is about the young man’s approach to racing. If Bearman keeps the same approach, things will go well for him, feels the boss. 

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