Aston Martin Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen Red Bull
2P3T5A2 VERSTAPPEN Max (ned), Red Bull Racing RB19, portrait ALONSO Fernando (spa), Aston Martin F1 Team AMR23, portrait celebration podium during the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2023, 1st round of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship from March 2 to 5, 2023 on the Bahrain International Circuit, in Sakhir, Bahrain – Photo Xavi Bonilla / DPPI

Fernando Alonso may not be as young as Max Verstappen, and neither is he a three-time champion. But his devotion to motorsports is next to none. He is the oldest Driver in the grid. But the Spaniard performed exceedingly well this season. For the most part of the first half, the Aston Martin driver posed a challenge for Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Throughout the 2023 season, the old horses, Hamilton and Alonso, had a tough fight to finish at P3. Anyway, the top two spots belonged to the two Red Bull drivers.

But eventually, Lewis Hamilton was able to beat his former McLaren teammate to finish at P3. However, Fernando Alonso does not show any signs of finishing his racing career anytime soon. He is having a great time on the grid, and his first season with Aston Martin was a blast. Lately, Max Verstappen and the Spaniard had a fun interaction where the latter challenged the former that he could beat him in an offseason race. 


Fernando Alonso Challenged Max Verstappen That He Can Beat Him In A DTM Race

Aston Martin Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen Red Bull
Aston Martin Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Eurosport

Lately, Max Verstappen has shown a new side that proves he loves to crack jokes and banters. On the Viaplay broadcast, Max and Fernando Alonso had a fun conversation during a live interview in Abu Dhabi. The Red Bull driver asked the Spaniard if he wanted to race in Portimao and then he would test in GT3. Adding to that, Max jokingly said, “Can we perhaps meet in the middle?” In reply, Fernando Alonso mentioned that he may beat Max in Oregon with the DTM.

What one thing that is clear from Fernando’s playful challenge to Max is his ambition and desire for the next championship. The oldest Driver made a strong comeback this season with eight podium finishes. He finished fourth in the Driver’s championship this season. They might have had a lighthearted moment, but the fans would love to see the two greats of the game locking horns on the track. Aston Martin fans would love to see the Spaniard beat Max Verstappen at least in one race next season.

Can Aston Martin Pose A Threat For Red Bull Next Season?

Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Max Verstappen Source: Sky Sports

This time, Aston Martin with Alonso showed genuine pace most of the season. However, the two-time champion could not keep up with the pace of the most dominant Driver in the grid. Max Verstappen was just too fast for every Driver. He has been dominating the grid since last season. However, the Dutchman won the 2021 Driver’s Championship as well. But he was not the most dominating Driver then.

It was the then reigning champion Lewis Hamilton. Anyway, Max won 10 GPs in 2021. On the other hand, last season, the Dutchman won 15 races. If anybody thought the Red Bull driver could not do any better. Well, Max Verstappen proved them wrong. He won 19 GPs this year. On the other hand, despite winning any race, Fernando Alonso made a lot of noise this year because he had a lot of podium finishes.