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Recently, Lewis Hamilton launched his film production house, Dawn Apollo. And as expected, the first movie under Hamilton’s production will center around Formula One and will star Brad Pitt. The title of the movie, as decided so far, is Apex. Moreover, the movie is about a retired F1 racer who comes out of retirement to help a young, budding F1 driver take on the challenge of the pinnacle of Motorsport.

Makers of Top Gun: Maverick are also working behind the movie. In the recent past, the principal photography of the movie got delayed because of the 2023 Hollywood worker’s strike. Anyhow, the movie will release soon. But before that, Kym Illman raised the hype of the movie even more.


Lewis Hamilton Gets A Great Response From His Fellow Drivers For His Big Budget Hollywood Movie

Lewis Hamilton Brad Pitt
Lewis Hamilton Brad Pitt Source: Insider

Recently, Illman spoke about the movie on his own YouTube channel. He mentioned that lately, the drivers saw a few segments of the movie in Austin. In response, the drivers gave the movie a rating as high as 8/10. Moreover, Kym Illman mentioned that it is great news for the game because this movie has the quality to ramp up interest in F1 Motorsport. On top of that, the 59-year-old actor had to go through pretty extensive and rigorous training for the shooting of the film. Anyway, the presence of the sensational Hollywood actor Brad Pitt should attract a lot of fans to the movie.

On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton already regrets missing out on a cameo in Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick. He would definitely want to use this opportunity for his Hollywood debut. Moreover, Hamilton is getting all the support he can from F1 as well. As per reports, F1 is helping the production team in every way possible. Moreover, F1 allowed two extra cars to drive in Silverstone and Hungaroring. On top of that, Lewis Hamilton has been helping with the production despite the pressure of the current season.

The Making Of The Movie “Apex”

Brad Pitt Damson Idris Apex GP
Brad Pitt Damson Idris Apex GP Source: Yahoo Autos

Anyway, Joseph Kosinski will direct the upcoming Brad Pitt movie. Apple Studios will produce the movie, and Apple+ will distribute the film. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton will co-produce the film. As a result, the film will have high anticipation among the F1 fans to see the next big thing about F1 after the Netflix show Drive To Survive. Can the movie eclipse the popularity of the Netflix docu-series? Moreover, Lewis Hamilton would like to stretch the fan following of Formula One across the USA.

Anyway, the release date of the movie Apex is not final yet. But the hype about the movie is ever-increasing. Moreover, Brad Pitt had to race Lewis Hamilton in Silverstone to shoot a few scenes for the film. Pitt had to get special permission to complete the formation lap in the British Grand Prix. This movie is really a big project for Lewis Hamilton as it is his ticket for entering the Hollywood business. Moreover, the budget for the movie is approximately $140 million.