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CHECKOUT: Did Yankees’ Cheapskates Cost Them, Key Pitchers, This Off-Season?

The New York Yankees grabbed a lot of eyeballs over the winter owing to their high-profileit’s off-season moves. Fans expected the front office to go full bullish to address key shortcomings. Having said that, the Bronx Bombers did justify its Evil Empire intentions while trading Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres.

It was deemed a bold move given the one-year guarantee Soto was bringing along with him. However, the Yankees didn’t necessarily adopt an aggressive approach in the pitching department. Amid the lackluster, MLB insiders suggest how the Bronx Bombers’ cheapskates cost them a significant pitching piece this off-season.


“I Heard Yankees Offers Were Coming In Short,” Robert Murray 

Hal Steinbrenner Yankees
Hal Steinbrenner Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

This off-season, the New York Yankees pursued ace Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto aggressively. They almost had their man until the LA Dodgers played spoilsport. They signed Yamamoto in a $325 million deal, whereas Yanks stayed resistant to raise stakes from their original $300 million offer. Besides, the front office failed to crack a deal with two-time CY Young pitcher Blake Snell as the pitcher put forth a $270 million ask. Additionally, the team refused to raise stakes for Corbin Burnes before the Baltimore Orioles traded him from the Milwaukee Brewers. Thus, the pattern suggests how the Bronx Bombers have been reluctant to raise monetary stakes this off-season. A key reason could be the luxury tax regulation looming over Hal Steinbrenner’s shoulders.

However, MLB insider Robert Murray was relatively shocked to see the Bomber’s approach. “I had heard that their offers were coming in short compared to what some of these other teams were offering. And they weren’t really budging,” Murray said on Foul Territory. Murray also cited the example of Keynan Middleton to suggest how the Yanks were not even ready to pay $11 million to a formidable relief pitcher. Having said that, the Bronx Bombers cheapskates this off-season has been a matter of concern for the fans. The supposed Evil Empire mindset has vanished. Also, the Yanks have historically been known for their star-studded lineup and their leadership’s ability to go all in on free agency. However, as years passed on, the club’s philosophies have evolved as well. Regardless, the Yanks have built a robust roster for the 2024 MLB season. If health prevails, the Yanks should be able to make a deep postseason run this season.

Yanks Invite Top Prospects For Spring Training!

Spencer Jones
Yankees prospect Spencer Jones has been grinding through a slump offensively in High-A Hudson Valley of late.AP

In other news, the New York Yankees have handed out spring training invites for as many as 26 non-roster players. Among those were top farm system prospects Chase Hampton and Spencer Jones. Notably, Jones was ranked the no.1 Yankee prospect last season alongside Jasson Dominguez in second.

On the other hand, Chase Hampton and Will Warren were considered top pitching prospects within the organization. While Warren is expected to be called up this season, Hampton still has to attain Triple-A experience before dreaming of a big league debut. Regardless, both prospects have been highly rated by the scouts and analysts. It’s safe to say the future of the Yanks remains in safe hands.

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