Yoshinobu Yamamoto
Yoshinobu Yamamoto Source: Sports Illustrated

Yoshinobu Yamamoto had been on the New York Yankees’ radar even before he hit free agency this off-season. Brian Cashman and Co. had scouted him in Japan, where he pitched a no-hitter game. Subsequently, the front office made an aggressive push for the ace pitcher when he got posted this off-season.

However, despite multiple meetings and fruitful talks, Yoshinobu Yamamoto ditched the New York Yankees at the last moment. Just when the Yanks were floated as an ideal landing spot, LA Dodgers swopped in with a hefty contract to lure Yamamoto into LA. Meanwhile, weeks later, Yankee skipper Aaron Boone opened up on what transpired behind the scenes that led to a fallout.


Aaron Boone Believes Shohei Ohtani Effect Drove Yoshinobu Yamamoto To Dodgers

Aaron Boone
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NPB phenomenon Yoshinobu Yamamoto entered MLB this off-season and set the free agency market in flames. Almost half of the league went after him before the fight came down to the Yankees, Dodgers, and Mets. It was widely believed that Yamamoto was headed to the Bronx after he met the franchise twice, once in LA and later in New York City. However, LA Dodgers, with the deferred money of Shohei Ohtani, raised monetary stakes to lure Yamamoto to LA. They ended up signing Yamamoto in a 10-year $325 million contract. Needless to say, the Yanks were heartbroken. Meanwhile, months later, Yankee manager Aaron Boone opened up on the sweepstakes fallout. While speaking with Talkin Yanks hosts, Boone said he believed the sweepstakes came down to them and the LA Dodgers.

However, Boone never believed that Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s deal with the New York Yankees was a sure thing. The margin of uncertainty was always there. Having said that, the level of impact stumped the Yanks front office Shohei Ohtani has on the sweepstakes. Ohtani, who signed a record $700 million deal with the LA Dodgers this off-season, played a key role in convincing his Japanese counterpart to join forces with LA. Additionally, Boone added how Yamamoto lived in LA for a month for negotiation purposes. He arrived in the USA and landed in LA straightaway. Thus, perhaps, he got used to the surroundings. Regardless, Aaron Boone feels Yamamoto would achieve success in MLB. They were really impressed with the pitcher when they met them. But, of course, to lose him to the LA Dodgers was nothing short of a major disappointment.

Yankees Skipper Opens Up On His Ideal Leadoff Candidate

Nathan Ray Seebeck/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone continues to contemplate the hitting order just two weeks ahead of spring. Meanwhile, he talked about the qualities he is looking for in an ideal leadoff candidate. Boone believes a leadoff hitter needs to be consistently productive.

It doesn’t matter if the hitters fulfill the right-lefty combination criteria. As long as the hitter is productive at the top, the rest will take care of itself. Meanwhile, DJ LeMahieu, Alex Verdugo, Anthony Volpe, and Gleyber Torres are a few options for a leadoff position in 2204. It would be interesting to see who Boone chooses as a regular starter this coming season.

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