Carlos Rodon
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New York Yankees 2023 season bust Carlos Rodon will aim for a rebound season this year. After signing a gigantic six-year $162 million contract last off-season, the pitcher’s debut year was an absolute nightmare. He finished with a 6.85 ERA in 14 starts before the team got knocked out of the postseason race.

That being said, ahead of the 2024 MLB season, Carlos Rodon built up nicely in the off-season to return healthy in spring training. The starting pitcher looked slimmer and dropped the iconic mustache while reporting for spring last month. However, amid talks of a rebound season, Rodon’s initial spring outings haven’t looked promising at all.


Carlos Rodon Gives Up Two Home Runs Vs. Rays In Spring


Carlos Rodon, the left-handed pitcher recently acquired by the New York Yankees, has left fans and analysts scratching their heads with his lackluster performance during spring training. After a lowly debut, he turned up for another start against the Tampa Bay Rays earlier this week. However, Rodon struggled throughout, to say the least. While he threw 60 pitchers, Rodon got hammered for two home runs in five hits. The starting pitcher, who has always relied on fastballs, was off rhythm. His fastballs lacked the desired velocity, and the pitcher admitted the same during a post-game interview. “Didn’t really have the fastball velo I wanted. But it’s one of those days,” Rodon said.

Notably, Carlos Rodon’s fastball velocity dropped last year after he came out of multiple injury setbacks. Yankees skipper Aaron Boone had raised concerns then. And now, his worst fears are coming to reality. Rodon cannot be his formidable self with fastball accuracy. Thus, it’s perennial for him to regain that velocity to ensure a rebound season in pinstripes this year. Understandably, expectations are soaring with Carlos Rodon. He is being paid $30 million a year to pitch 33 starts with an effective ERA. He has to build up before opening day inches closer, or else the Bronx Bombers could land themselves in huge trouble. Of course, spring training performances are not always indicative of regular-season success. But Rodon’s lackluster outings have undoubtedly raised concerns within the organization and among fans alike. It would be interesting to see how the Southpaw overcomes the initial challenges.

Yankees Manager Endorses Carlos Rodon Despite Underwhelming Outing

Carlos Rodon exited with an apparent leg injury during the third inning of Sunday’s game against the Astros. Getty Images

While Carlos Rodon’s spring performance have remained below par this year, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone does not see it as a major cause of concern. After his blowout start against Rays, Boone admitted Rodon’s fastballs lacked life. The drop in velocity was evident which was not a good sign. But the face that the pitcher lasted for 60 pitchers was surely an encouraging sign.

“I thought he pitched really well, which was good to see,” said Aaron Boone. Coming off multiple injury concerns, Carlos Rodon’s extended start pleased Boone. He deems it a step in the right direction. Overall, as the regular season approaches, all eyes will be on Rodon as he looks to bounce back from his spring struggles and prove his worth to the Yankees.

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