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Los Angeles Lakers’ newfound gem, Austin Reaves, is ready to face the challenge of the new season. He made a lot of noise last season as the breakout star. The breakthrough was more surprising as it was just his second season in the NBA. AR rose to third place on the most valuable players list of the Lakers. He is right behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis as the top stars of the LA side. Hence, the Lakers Nation would have their eyes fixed on the Arkansas native in the new season.

Clearly, all eyes will be on Austin Reaves and what he gets to achieve this season. But can he become an All-Star-level player this season? The trajectory of his rise points in that direction only. However, there is a lot for the Arkansas native to learn this season. For instance, in the last preseason game of the Lakers against the Phoenix Suns, Reaves realized how hard it is to guard a star player like Kevin Durant.


Austin Reaves Realized It Is Incredibly Difficult To Guard Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Suns
Kevin Durant Suns Source: Yardbarker

Apparently, Kevin Durant did not take it easy on Austin Reaves either, even in a preseason game. KD was on another level with his skills, as well as trash talks. The Suns defeated the Lakers 123-100. In that game, Kevin Durant hit AR with the “Too small” celebration after shooting a fadeaway jump shot over him. Moreover, Kevin Durant advised the Lakers assistant Jordan Ott that they should not have Reaves guard him when they meet again next week.

Later, Austin Reaves had a classic reply to KD’s gestures in the post-game press conference. He mentioned whenever there is a talent like Kevin Durant on the court, he likes to watch it in the moment. And when KD went to Jordan saying not to let AR guard him, the Arkansas Native was like, then what is he supposed to do? He told that to the media people, who burst out laughing hearing his reply. Moreover, Austin Reaves felt it was a problem to guard a star and an incredible scorer like Kevin Durant.

Can The Lakers Win Their 18th This Season?

LeBron James Lakers 2020 NBA Title
LeBron James Lakers 2020 NBA Title Source: Complex

Now, the LA fans would hope to see their team bring the NBA title home for the 18th time. Can the Lakers do it this season? Moreover, it has been a long time since the 17-time champions had a roster this good in terms of balance and depth. They should be able to make the postseason this time with ease. Like it had to take a miracle last season for the Lakers to make the playoffs. The Lakers Nation would hope that it does not have to be that difficult this time.

The fans want to see the top stars play as many games as possible to win the title. LeBron James and Anthony Davis missed several games in the last few seasons. Their absence really cost the team big. Anyway, the James-Davis duo looks stronger than ever in the preseason games lately, health-wise. They must maintain their fitness if the Lakers have to win the title this season.