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Currently, Anthony Rizzo is playing in his 14th MLB season. He made his debut back in 2011. The first baseman started his career with the Chicago Cubs. He played for that franchise for a really long time. Moreover, it did not take him much time to become a fan favorite since his debut game in the big league. Even to this day, fans still love him, and it makes him one of the most popular guys in the big league. It was in 2021 when the Cubs organization traded the three-time All-Star to the New York Yankees. Since then, he became a fan favorite in the Bronx pretty quickly.

 However, in his long and illustrious career, his health has often betrayed him. Last year, the veteran first baseman could play only 99 games due to post-concussion syndrome. At present, the hard-hitting first baseman is leading the American League in terms of games played. In 2023, not just Rizzo, but the whole New York side had a terrible season. Nothing really went their way as they failed to make the postseason. But in 2024, Anthony Rizzo feels great as his health has not betrayed him yet. 


Anthony Rizzo Is Happy As He Is Healthy And Contributing So Far In 2024

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Currently, the hard-hitting first baseman finds himself among the fittest players in the league to start the ongoing season. Anthony Rizzo has played all 31 games for the Yankees after the first month of the 2024 regular season. Being able to do so makes the 34-year-old hitter really happy. Recently, in an interview with MLB insider Jon Morosi, Anthony Rizzo mentioned that the most value he can add to his team is being on the field. Moreover, he said he loves to play baseball and wants to be out there every game.

According to MLB Network, while talking about the youth in the team, Anthony Rizzo added that it is the job of the veteran guys like him to match them and their youth. Nevertheless, Rizzo feels “When you have youth, it’s always fun.” Recently, the hard-hitting first baseman of the Yankees won the Player of the Week along with Alec Bohm. That is the result of his huge power numbers which he has been putting very early in the season. Clearly, the 34-year-old Rizzo is adding value to his team as he has been tremendous at the plate. 

The Three-Time All-Star Maintained Incredible Durability Throughout His Career


If the Bronx Bombers hope to make a deep run in the postseason, Anthony Rizzo will play a very important role. Before he suffered the concussion problem in 2023, the first baseman used to be available for at least 130 games in nine different seasons in his career so far. But last year, he managed to play only 99 games because of the collision with the shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr.

Since then, it has been clear that he is less than 100 percent fit. Anyway, in 2024, so far, Rizzo has posted incredible power numbers. The first baseman is enjoying a batting average of .258 and has already hit five homers. Moreover, he has hit 15 RBIs and posted a .737 OPS.

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