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Check Out Max Verstappen’s Diet Plan & Training Routine! How Is The Red Bull Driver Maintaining His Stance?

Max Verstappen is gearing up to win his third consecutive driver’s world championship. He is leaving no room for other drivers to give him a challenge. Max is like a man on a mission to conquer everything there is to in racing. The Dutchman loves virtual racing as well. Recently, he took part in the 24 hours of Le Mans virtual racing. Max Verstappen was born to race, and he can be as ruthless as he needs to win races. Verstappen always seems to find ways to get to a podium finish.

It does not matter how far he falls back, but he always finds ways. For instance, the Saudia Arabian Grand Prix saw Sergio Perez win the race. But the interesting thing was how Max Verstappen reached P2 from the 15th position in a matter of the final few laps. Also, the Dutchman snatched away the fastest lap time from his teammate. Checo did not realize, but the Dutchman took it in the final lap, gaining an extra point.


Max Verstappen Takes His Diet And Training Routine Very Seriously

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Red Bull Diet

The Red Bull driver is only 25 years old, and to maintain consistency, all the drivers go through an intense diet and training routine, and so does Max. Verstappen spoke to Express Sport revealing how he trains. He said that the most challenging part of racing is the neck strain and lower back pain. He uses balancing exercises and weights at home. The Dutchman has got a series of exercise machines. Max Verstappen mentioned, “I do a lot of running and cardio. However, I don’t have an intense workout routine like most.” The Dutchman feels he is lucky because if he does not train for a week, it does not have any adverse effect on his strength.

Max Verstappen emphasizes the value of rest during a hectic F1 calendar. He takes several days off for recovery whenever he gets a chance. Verstappen spends a lot of time on simulators. Red Bull boss Christian Horner mentioned a few days back that Max plays virtual racing games to relax before every race. Verstappen knows how important diet is to maintain shape. So, Max said that he does not eat breakfast. Instead, Verstappen has got a big lunch. The Dutchman carries a weight of 75 kilos. It is very important for drivers to stay healthy, so Verstappen eats plenty depending on where in the world he is racing.

The Dutchman Is The Most Competitive On The Grid

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Red Bull

Max Verstappen was not happy after he came second in Jeddah despite gaining the fastest lap time. But he went back to winning ways in Australia. After the first three Grands Prix of the season, Max Verstappen has won two and had a single P2 finish.

He is far ahead of the rest on the points table. His teammate Checo is 15 points behind, sitting in second place. It is clear that the Dutchman is determined not to give anyone a chance to take the championship away from him this year. Checo said Max Verstappen is the hardest driver to beat on the grid.