Max Verstappen
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Red Bull, ace Max Verstappen is the current double-time champion in Formula One and is on his way to winning his third championship in a row. In this season, the Dutchman started exactly where he left off the previous season. Last season, he won 15 races, a record in itself. In the current season, he has already won seven races out of nine. There is no driver, even 50 points away from him at present. Currently, Max Verstappen is leading with 81 points, with his teammate Sergio Perez in second place. There is no doubt that he is determined to win every race. Verstappen even managed to get the fastest laps of the most Grands Prix this season so far. And now, the Red Bull star says that he wants to win every race more than anything.

Max Verstappen Says Winning Is The Biggest Motivation

Red Bull's RB19 & Mercedes' W14
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Fans and experts notice how ruthless and competitive the 25-year-old Dutchman is. In an interview with Amanda Davies of CNN Sports, Max Verstappen mentioned that he likes driving to the limit, but he also likes winning more. “That’s what I want to achieve. That’s why I love the sport,” said the champ. With Verstappen’s consistency, Red Bull hopes to stretch their streak to the whole season. They want to win all the races in 2023. No other team has done that before. No team won all the Grand Prix in a season. The McLaren team came close in 1988 when Ayrton Senna won his maiden driver’s championship.


After many years in 2016, Mercedes came close too to winning the Grand Prix races, with Nico Rosberg beating his teammate Lewis Hamilton to be the champion. Last year, Red Bull won 17 races, with Max winning 15 and a couple of victories for Sergio Perez. But the question remains if the Milton Keynes team does the impossible. It is not going to be easy to win all 22 races (excluding the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix). However, Max Verstappen raises hope for the Red Bull team. On the other hand, Sergio Perez has been through a brief rough patch. But he came back strong at the Austrian Grand Prix, finishing at P3. After a long time, a double podium for the Austrian team.

The Dutchman Reveals That He Thought Of Retiring Back In 2018

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: RacingNews365

Max Verstappen has revealed many times that he is thinking of retiring at one point before Red Bull became a dominant force again, with the Dutchman winning the driver’s world championship in 2021. Verstappen was talking at the Press Association and to PlanetF1 when he expressed his doubt about Red Bull recapturing their dominance back in 2018 when Honda joined them after a terrible stint with McLaren. Everybody knows that Red Bull has built the fastest car on the grid at present.

No other car comes close to the pace and design of Adrian Newey’s RB19. But even then, Max is too good to rely completely on the RB19. That is the reason why he is 81 points ahead of his teammate. He has won five more races than Perez. Moreover, the worst race he had this season was in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan as well where he finished at P2. Hence, the second place is the worst Verstappen can get down to.