Charles Barkley, a television analyst on Turner Network Television, is excited about King James going past Kareem Abdul-Jabbar like everybody else. Every single player of the American Dream Team during the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 was a legend. Charles Barkley was one of the very flamboyant players of the Dream Team. But now he has been doing pretty well as an analyst. The Round Mound Of Rebound has been a funny guy, both in his playing days as well as in the present. Sir Charles has been part of controversy due to his jokes in the past.

Again yesterday, Charles Barkley jokingly threatened LeBron James not to do a miracle by breaking the all-time scoring record against the Pelicans. The story of the broken friendship between Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley is very popular. Chuck and Jordan had a kind of cold war on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005. But everybody knows Charles Barkley is a funny guy, so wait for the jokes. Everybody is well aware of what King James can do, even at the age of 38. He can do the impossible.

King James

Can King James Break The Record In The Next Game

LeBron James ages like fine wine. Theoretically, King James should break Kareem\’s record either against the Thunder or against the Bucks. Some even feel that if it takes a while more, it could be against the Golden State Warriors on February 12, 2023. However, as far as James\’s career goes, the highest scoring record is 61. After the match against the Pacers, King James is only left with 63 points to overtake the current record held by Abdul-Jabbar since 1984. If he can score 61 points in one game, can\’t he score two extra in another game? Most certainly, The King can, but the issue might be his age.

But again, this is LeBron James, and he has proved countless times that age is not a barrier, at least not for him. If anyone from the current era can do miracles, it is King James. So yes, people who have already bought the tickets for the Thunder and the Bucks games are naturally worried if James does it in the next game. Charles Barkley joked that if it happens against the Pelicans, \”I\’ll go straight to New Orleans and beat him really bad.\” It is because Charles wishes for James to accomplish this fantastic record on Tuesday or Thursday on TNT. For that to happen, James will need to control himself. And wait till the game against the Thunder and the Bucks. 

King James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Greats On The Greatness Of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

After the game against the Pacers, James had a lot to answer about the record. King James replied, \”Even though the actual number is not printed on my head. But all my life, I knew it was Kareem. So to break this record feels pretty cool.\” Charles Barkley talked about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.\”Yes, I do appreciate LeBron James for that he is going to be the leading scorer of all time. But let\’s not forget about the greatness of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. First of all, hats off to him for holding this record for so many years and decades. Secondly, Kareem completed four years of college, but James did not have to attend college for four years. Hence James started early and got a lot more time to reach this level. All said and done, let us all celebrate these two greats of the game.\”        

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