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Celtics Player Reveals What Stephen Curry Said During The 2022 NBA Finals That Kept Him Up All Night

Stephen Curry has been one of the best players in the modern NBA. He really changed the game forever. Along with his teammate, Klay Thompson, Steph revolutionized the three-point shot. On top of that, Curry is the leading three-point scorer of all time. Moreover, he has won two Most Valuable Player awards so far. He has been a ten-time All-Star. Against all odds, Steph, Klay, and Draymond Green helped the Golden State Warriors become a modern-day Dynasty. Moreover, a huge credit also goes to their head coach, Steve Kerr.

Before Stephen Curry joined the team, the Warriors never really came close to winning a title. However, this franchise in their history had won three titles before the modern-day Dynasty began. But the Dub Nation will forever look at Steph as their savior, their hero from Akron, Ohio. After a 40-year-long wait, Steph Curry helped the Dubs become champions again in 2015. Since then, the Dubs have won three more titles. The last time they won a title was in 2022. They beat the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Finals. Recently, a former Celtics player shared an interesting story of Steph in that 2022 Finals series.


Former Celtics Player Said Stephen Curry Made A Bold Proclamation Midway Of The 2022 Finals

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: CNN

Generally, Stephen Curry does not bother himself with trash-talking on the court. But there was one of those moments in the 2022 NBA Finals when the Dub Dynasty was trying to win their fourth title. Lately, former Celtics forward Juwan Morgan recalled Steph saying something to the Boston bench midway through that series that shocked everybody. Recently, in an interview with the Run Your Race podcast, Juwan Morgan told veteran player Theo Pinson that Steph trash-talked them in the 2022 finals. After game 3, the Boston Celtics was leading the series 2-1.

Then, Curry went near the Boston bench to say, “Enjoy Y’all Last Win.” Morgan said not everybody heard him. But he did as well as Malik Fitts, Nik Stauskas, then Matt Ryan as well as Payton Pritchard may have heard Curry. Initially, Morgan could not believe Curry as they were leading the series, and the Celtics headed for a home game, later. Albeit, Stephen Curry proved his statement true in the end. But Morgan did not know how to take that in. He just went quiet. Finally, Steph led the Dubs to win three straight games to win the championship.

Morgan Believes Game 4 Performance Of Steph Was The Best

Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors
Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

Steph was just incredible in that final series in 2022. After Kevin Durant left the Dubs, that was the first championship for the Warriors. Before KD joined the team, the Warriors won without him in 2015. But 2022 was a different story of determination altogether, especially for Curry.

He led the side in the finals after the Celtics were leading 2-1, to three consecutive wins to lift the trophy. Moreover, Juwan Morgan feels the game 4 performance of the three-point King was exceptional. Morgan said everything that they threw at the Warriors, they had an answer for it. And 9 out of 10 times, the answer was Stephen Curry. 

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