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Max Verstappen Claims F1 Rivals Are Trying To Destabilize Them In A “Typical F1” Style

Max Verstappen helped Red Bull get back their dominance in Formula One. He helped the Austrian team to win two back-to-back constructor titles in a dominating fashion. As the teams and drivers head to the 2024 season, the Dutch racer is confident about maintaining the winning streak. Red Bull surely believes they again have the package to be the champions this year. Last year was extraordinary for the Milton Keynes team. They won 21 races of 22 GPs. Clearly, the RB19 car has been the fastest F1 car in recent times.

Moreover, the car and the Dutch sensation have been an extremely deadly combination for Red Bull since 2022. In fact, Max Verstappen broke the streak of Lewis Hamilton in 2021 when he won his maiden title. However, Christian Horner’s team could not win the constructor title that year. But since 2022, they have not looked back. Lately, the pre-season testing has begun, and again, Max looks like the driver to beat. He was way too fast for the rest of the drivers during the morning session of pre-season testing on Day 1. However, Max Verstappen believes the Red Bull rivals are trying to destabilize them. 


Max Verstappen Says Rivals Trying To Destabilize Them Is So “Typical F1”

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Recently, in an interview with the Dutch version of, Max Verstappen mentioned F1 rivals are trying to destabilize Red Bull. He said that is one very common tactic in Formula One. Max Verstappen stated, “These things are 100% typical F1.” When asked if Red Bull would use the same tactic if there were a reversal of the tables, Max mentioned, “Yes.” The current triple-time champion said teams generally try to get their own advantage of something and try to attract people from rival teams. That sure makes sense. Moreover, there have been reports that Ferrari is trying to sign Adrian Newey and his right-hand man Wache.

About that, the Dutch racer said things like that happen all the time. But Max Verstappen said the important thing is to do it well. Moreover, the Red Bull champion stated that now they have their own engine program. Hence, they are also bringing people from other teams. That’s why Max says it will remain a constant thing in the sport. He added that these things do not really bother him because he knows that these are “Very standard in Formula 1.” Max even joked with Red Bull people, saying, “I know where you live,” to make them stay with the team. 

Red Bull Might Perform Better Than Last Season

Red Bull Car
Red Bull Car Source: Sky Sports

Last year, Max Verstappen won an epic number of 19 races. And Red Bull won 21 Grands Prix overall. Things could not have been better. Can they? What if the Austrian team wins all the races in 2024? Last season, Red Bull could not win the Singaporean Grand Prix. If they had, they would have won it all. But they can do that this year. Only if the RB20 car is even better than RB19.

That would be a really difficult thing to prove. Anyhow, Red Bull started the pre-season really well. Max Verstappen was 1.1 seconds faster than his rivals on Day 1 of testing. However, the off-track situation of Red Bull has not been very comfortable. Anyhow, the rivals believe Red Bull might be faster than last year.

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