Carlos Rodon

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Carlos Rodon Sets High Expectation From New York Yankees Pitching Rotation!

New York Yankees’ latest addition, Carlos Rodon, makes bold predictions on the team’s current pitching rotation.

The second largest sports franchise in the world, New York Yankees, had an explosive off-season. The club has almost reached the limit of its credit card after spending more than $500 million this free agency. Further, the Yanks have begun their preparations for the upcoming regular season. Part of the roster reported for spring training at Tampa field on Thursday.


The group featured the Yankees’ newest addition, Carlos Rodon. Rodon, a left-hand pitcher, took part in a training session alongside Yanks ace Gerrit Cole. After a successful session, the southpaw obliged for an interview with the press. During the press meet, Carlos shared his views on the Yankees’ current pitching rotation and laid out his expectations with the club.

Carlos Rodon Expects Extraordinary Results From Yanks Pitching Rotation

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon

The New York Yankees strengthened their pitching staff by acquiring Carlos Rodon from Chicago White Sox. Rodon, who opted out of his two-year contract with the White Sox, joined the Yankees in a six-year deal worth $162 million. On top of that, Rodon’s arrival was considered crucial for the Yanks, who struggled with their defense last season. Meanwhile, the pitcher who took part in his first training session as a Yankee spoke to the media and expressed his expectations from the team.

Carlos Rodon ranked the Yankees’ current pitching rotation highly and said the bullpen is filled with strong arms and a few All-Star players. Further, the southpaw stated that if all the guys step up to their full potential for at least five days, the pitching rotation possesses the ability to produce wonders in the coming season. However, the pitcher did address the failures and said it’s part of the game. He added that one must focus on throwing the ball at a given opportunity, and the rest will fall into the right place.

Lastly, speaking on joining the Bombers, Rodon said he wants to be a part of a team where he gets an opportunity to pitch in the ALCS or World series. He assured the fans that he is here to win and would do everything in his power to achieve that goal.

Yankee’s Pitching Coach Won’t Rush Rodon To Try Out Anything New

Carlos Rodon- Yankees
Carlos Rodon- Yankees

Meanwhile, the Yankees’ defense staff has a set plan in motion for Carlos Rodon. Rodon is expected to start second behind Gerrti Cole in the rotation. Further, Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake says he does not expect Carlos to magically turn up and gel with the roster. The plan for Carlos is to allow him to move at his own pace. The coaching staff will not rush Rodon to do different things all at once.

Carlos Rodon had an impressive run with the White Sox last year. However, his fitness issues are a matter of concern. His 2021 season was cut short due to frequent injury concerns. Moreover, the pitcher entered his 30’s last year. Hence, the Yankee front office will have to maintain his health for the whole season by managing his workload.