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Carlos Rodon Blames Himself For The New York Yankees Loss To Tigers Amid Struggling With Worst Form

The New York Yankees are on a roll after a poor start to the season. Just a few weeks ago, the Bronx Bombers were going through a losing streak. They were losing back-to-back games as well as series. It was not a happy vibe in the locker room of Manager Aaron Boone’s side. However, the NY side has redeemed themselves after winning the back-to-back series.

The Yankees were on a five-game winning streak. But they lost the streak against the Tigers in the final game of the series. Moreover, the Tigers blew the Yankees away 10-3. Indeed, it was a terrible performance from the Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon. After the huge loss to the Tigers, Rodon took complete blame for the debacle.


Carlos Rodon Takes Full Responsibility For The Poor Performance

Carlos Rodon Yankees
Carlos Rodon Yankees Source: NBC Sports

Carlos Rodon pitched 3.2 innings and gave up seven runs. He also allowed the sluggers to hit him eight times. However, Rodon got four batters to strike out. Moreover, the Detroit Tigers really made Rodon pay for his fastballs that were without any movement. Hence, they were all over Rodon on his bad day. Carlos Rodon also explained that he could not get the direction right somehow, and it was just going all over the place. He acknowledged that the Tigers really gave him a good whopping. Clearly, Rodon is not happy to let down his team and allowed the Tigers to halt their winning streak.

On Thursday, it was for the second time it happened this season when Carlos Rodon started and gave more than six runs. The first time this happened this season was on July 19. But the pitcher has not had such a bad time since 2018. The Yankees manager also believes that it all comes down to location. Aaron Boone believes Rodon was not able to get the ball to the spot he wanted to that often. As per the Skipper, Rodon missed locations consistently. Moreover, the velocity of the pitcher’s fastball was perhaps a tick down, and Rodon was inconsistent with his secondary. Hence, the Tigers took full use of that.

Yankees Should Feel Confident After Winning Back-To-Back Series

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Carlos Rodon himself mentioned that there is no point in giving excuses, and he just was not good enough. The Yankees pitcher knows it’s time to be better. He believes he has not performed very well this season. Due to injuries, he could not perform too much. Hence, it has been frustrating for the Yankees pitcher. The southpaw signed a six-year deal with the Yankees for $162 thousand over the offseason.

Prior to the loss in the final game, the Yankees ensured the back-to-back series victory. It has been like a breath of fresh air for the fans. Albeit, the fans know it looks pretty tough for the Bronx Bombers to make the postseason. It is because the NY side had a pretty poor start to the season. But the poor start was a result of too many injuries to key players. Anthony Rizzo, their first baseman, will lose the remaining games of the season due to post-concussion syndrome. Moreover, players like Carlos Rodon and DJ LeMahieu have all come out of injuries. However, the Yankees are doing the best they can. They have won three series in a row, beating the Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, and the Tigers again.